Subject: Going within is the key to transformation

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Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP

  Intuit.  Empower.  Awaken.
Welcome new subscribers and readers to weekly Spiritual Insights in your Inbox!  Let's begin with the Energetic Forecast.  The theme for this week is Going Within.  

The New Moon last week should have kicked up some energy and drive for you, following the 6 planets in Pisces which would have given inspiration.  I find my clients (and myself!) being extremely driven to move forward towards the Full Moon March 5th.  The drive is to shed the old and burst forth into the new, particularly where it involves soul purpose and mission.  March is a bang up month that I have felt coming for literally, months!  More on that in future energetic forecasts.

Going within is the key to self transformation. Two key components are meditation and other spiritual practices such as yoga, prayer, and ritual, as well as intuition and the related ideas of trust in your self and the universe's plan for you.  Self-transformation is about knowing yourself and how to create the positive from the negative, a type of inner alchemy.  It is taking your anger, pain, sadness and with compassion, allowing those feelings in order to heal and transform them.  In spiritual practices such as meditation, not only do we get in touch with our connection to Source energy, we also see what in us is in need of care and change.  Spiritual practices, while making us feel good by reminding us of our unity with the Divine, also brings up and highlights what is in need of healing. Do not be afraid of that process, it is for your highest good.

Intuition is your internal GPS.  Going within will naturally bring you into greater alignment with your inner truth and guidance system from the spiritual realm, including guides, master teachers, and those who have passed on who are connected to you.  One of the biggest problems my students have with this is learning to trust it.  It takes a bit of sustained effort in being able to distinguish between your ego or personal psychology and inner guidance, but when we go within and listen to what we find there, this becomes easier the more we do it!

Client Story:My favorite students are the most disciplined ones :)  One of my first students was so on the ball with the exercises that I gave her to do, which I loved.  She would often get nervous when she would have to do practice readings for me (read for the teacher--oh no! LOL) and for others.  One of the things that really helped her was to feel the fear and do it anyway.  I would have to come up with new things that would push her beyond her comfort zones. Also she approached everything with a spirit of curiosity.  If she was wrong, she was curious to find out why.  If she was right she was delightfully intrigued.  This is how she learned to trust her own ability. And after 9 months--almost like a birth--she felt comfortable telling her clients that she was using her intuitive ability along with her healing skills. Moral of the story: trusting the going within takes time and is a process. Be kind with yourself ;)

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May you Intuit, Empower, and Awaken,

Go within to access your intuition.  If you have an issue and you need guidance, begin with a 10-15 minute meditation, follow your breath.  Then simply ask your question in your mind. Wait for an answer.  Accept whatever way it may come to you, it could be a feeling, a mental image, a song lyric or piece of music, even a smell or taste!  If you need more clarification, ask more questions :) Ask and you shall receive.

Going within connects you to your Higher Self and your Soul.  When you understand your purpose, why you are here, and what you are here to learn, you are empowered to make the best choices you can in your life.

Going within re-connects us with the Divine and reminds us who we really are, beyond the ego roles we take on in our lives as a spouse, family member, employee, or friend.  Who are you beneath all of the things you do?  Do you make time to be a human BEING instead of a human DOING?  Making time to be will allow you to awaken to self-realization and your true, inner nature as a co-creator with the Divine.
Soul Connections and Going Within

In the relationship dynamic between soul connections such as twin flames and soul mates, we often talk about the roles of the "runner" and the "chaser." People can run from love for so many reasons, which all boil down to fear.  But what about the person who is chasing the one running?  Well if you have a runner and you are chasing them, what are you doing? Running, of course. Who are YOU running from? Yourself.

If we run away from ourselves to a relationship, we are only seeking that relationship to avoid what is going on inside of us, to avoid going within.  Usually because there is something painful there that is making us try to achieve our inner peace through a relationship rather than facing the pain.  You can say this is quite backwards in terms of actually achieving inner peace.

In order to reach the truth and heal yourself, you have to go within and see what you are avoiding, and why you think a relationship would fix what you are running from.

Unfortunately our romantic concepts in society often template us with the idea that a relationship would save us, solve our problems, make us happy, or some other baloney. The place to start is you--the task to begin is going within!  That is where love begins also, as we have heard that without self love it is very hard to truly love others.  

Instead of looking to control the outside, see what is going on inside.  See why you are hurting, and hold out a tender hand of love to yourself.  
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