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December 28th, 2022 at 10:34 am EDT

Emergencies happen (especially during holidays), and based on my own set of injuries, a First Aid Kit for your dog or cat is a great idea.

One part of a First Aid Kit is an effective and SAFE pain killer

CBD or Cannabidiol is what is in my kit.

In particular I am seeing it very helpful to decrease inflammation and provide natural pain relief.

I do have a Natural, Whole Plant Extract CBD tincture for Dogs and Cats

It's here:

Dr Jones' ULTIMATE CBD for Dogs and Cats


What you should have in your Pet First Aid Kit

A good first-aid kit is a must to be prepared for emergencies, both pet and human. There should be a first-aid kit in your car, at your job site, and in your home. The more complete your first-aid kits are the better you can deal with emergencies as they come up. The best time to assemble those kits is now. If you wait until an emergency happens, it will be too late.

If you have animals, then supplies for them should be included in both your car and your home first aid kits.

The primary objectives for first-aid are to relieve suffering, to save a life and to prevent further physical or psychological injuries until you can reach or be reached by qualified health care personnel. These goals will help you assemble your first-aid kits. Consider all of the possible emergencies that can happen.

First-aid kits should be kept in containers that are clearly labeled. Small containers that make good first-aid kits are: cosmetic boxes, sewing boxes, tackle boxes, toolboxes, etc. If you purchase your supplies first, you will have a better idea what size box you will need to find to store them.

Keep the box in a single location in your house, car and work place. Everyone should know where it is. If you are the injured party and unconscious or if you are not present at the time of injury, the best first aid kit in the world will not help when no one can find it. It should be stored out of the reach of very young children and pets.

Here are some basic items that all first-aid kits should contain.

1.Rectal Thermometer: The new electronic kind works best. Electronic ones beep when they are finished registering a temperature, they are slightly smaller than the glass kind, and they do not break as easily. They can be covered with a thin sleeve to halt the spread of germs. They can also be used as oral thermometers. They do have a battery which will need replacing and they are more expensive then the glass ones. Normal canine temperature 101 to 102.5F; (38-39.5C); normal feline temperature 101 to 102F (38-39C).

2.Lubricating jelly, to lubricate thermometer and wounds

3.Xylocaine topical ointment- this is great of giving local pain relief, cleaning wounds

4.Gel packs that can be used for hot and cold compresses

5.Adhesive tape to secure bandages- both non-stick tape and waterproof tape

6.Blunt tipped scissors (a must for animal first-aid - used for cutting hair away from wounds)

7.Bandage scissors

8.Alcohol swabs to sterilize instruments or small areas of skin

9.Antibiotic ointment for wounds (not for eyes) (i.e. Polysporin, for non- puncture wounds)

10.Sterile Saline Flush for rinsing eyes, to clean wounds (water can be substituted)

11.Cotton swabs (i.e. Q-tips)

12.Chlorhexidine (brand name- Germi-Stat 2%) - a mild antibacterial soap for cleaning skin and wounds

13.Sterile cotton or cotton balls

14.Sterile Gauze Pads (the larger 4" size is better since it can easily be cut smaller if necessary)

15.Rolls of gauze or cling gauze bandage (1-2")

17.Razor Blade can also be used to shave away hair and abrade the skin following a tick bite

18.Rubber bulb ear syringe, or 30-60cc, 10cc and 3cc syringes - used for flushing eyes, ears, and wounds

19.Forceps and/or tweezers

20.Self-adhesive bandage (i.e. Vetrap)

21.Numbers for the Animal Poison Hotline & Poison Control for Pets ( 800/548-2423 or 900/680-0000 both numbers charge a fee). The National Poison Control Hotlines for humans should also be included.

22.Information card with your Veterinary Emergency Clinic Number

23.Your pet's baseline Temperature, Pulse, Respirations and Weight

24.A muzzle, or fabric to make one

25.Bubble Wrap for making an emergency splint

26.Tissue Glue ( great for closing wounds in a hurry)

27.Hydrogen Peroxide. To induce vomiting in dogs and cats after a non-caustic poisoning. Use 3% peroxide. Give 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 10lbs every 10 minutes for a MAXIMUM 2 times until your pet vomits.

28.Pain Relief for CATS and DOGS. CBD (Cannabidiol). Doses of 3mg/10lbs twice daily- safe for dogs/cats and no serious side effects

29.Benadryl. Up to 1 mg per pound every 8 hours to treat allergies, itching, etc. Can also be used as a mild tranquilizer when the dosage is reduced. (Feline dosage is the same as the canine dosage.)

30.Gravol/Dramamine. Up to 50 mg every 8 hours to reduce motion sickness, vomiting (Feline dosage: up to 10 mg every 8 hours.)

31.Imodium AD 2mg. 1 caplet per 30 lbs every 8 hours to relieve diarrhea. (avoid using if Collie or Collie cross dogs)

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew

P.S. Currently my only 'injury' involves SORE MUSCLES from shovelling WET SNOW :-( I have been pleasantly surprised at the pain relief from the CBD- oral and topical.

P.P.S. I have a CBD supplement, and many a pet parent has found it to be especially beneficial for pain relief.

Dr Jones' Ultimate CBD is a whole plant extract meaning it has all the potentially helping cannabinoids that interact with each other to be beneficial, as well as using hemp seed oil as the carrier oil (often this can make it more effective)

You can get your 10% OFF bottle here:

Dr Jones' ULTIMATE CBD for Dogs and Cats

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian. Dr Andrew Jones resigned from the College of Veterinarians of B.C. effective December 1 2010, meaning he cannot answer specific questions about your pet's medical issues or make specific medical recommendations for your pet.

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