Friend, I thought you should see this...

November 29th, 2012 at 6:12 am EST

Dear Friend,

If you've got a dog, you'll appreciate this story...

A colleague of mine, Chet, recently got a brand new
puppy he called Ginger...  Cute little golden

Adorable, in fact.

Glossy yellow coat.  Big sad eyes.  And teeth like a

Wow, could this puppy chomp!

Never one to wait for my opinion to be asked, I
casually told Chet about a few of the no-bite training
techniques I've heard of over the years...

... Like squeezing the pup's beak, putting your hand in
its mouth every time he bites, locking away the pup,

But to my surprise, Chet wasn't interested.

In fact, Chet bet me $10 he could train his new pup to
stop biting in less than 24 hours -- without ever
TOUCHING the puppy, using nothing more than his voice.

Ha, I thought.  Another friggen dog whisperer wanna-be.

Well, guess who's eating his shirt.

That'd be me! And I was so darn impressed with Chet's
training secrets, that I not only happily forked over
the $10...

... I convinced Chet to make his dog training tips
available by online video to all of my subscribers!

Because while other so-called professional trainers
require you to "punish" your dog, Chet's system allows
you to win the respect of your dog without ever
touching it!

And Chet's already proved these secrets work for the
toughest "mature" dog problems, too -- like excessive
barking, chewing, jumping, etc.

To watch his "no-touch" dog training videos, visit:

It's certainly information I wish I'd had when I got my
first dog.

So I hope you enjoy this, Friend,!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. To get your FREE Gift Dog Training Video, visit:

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