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April 18th, 2011 at 4:29 am EDT

Hello and Good Morning.

My COMPLETE Dog and Cat Home
Study Course is now on sale for 75% OFF

Until 12PM - (Tuesday April 19)
you can get my Digital Pet Home Study Course
Healing System for $297 OFF.

Here's where you can grab your copy:


The Second Chance Animal Shelter is in danger of
closing, and NEEDS funds. I am donating 10% of ALL proceeds to
Second Chance.


1. Veterinary Secrets Revealed (Digital Book)

This is my Best Selling Book, now in it's SECOND
EDITION: Veterinary Secrets Revealed. The
UPDATED book is now more than TWICE the size of
the original - it's not just an 'e-book', it is
a Digital Manual, at 477 pages long.

Easily Care For Your Pet And Treat Illnesses
And Ailments Confidently, Competently At Home
Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural

...And Save Thousands Of Dollars Compared To
Relying Exclusively On Professional Veterinary

2. Pet First Aid Secrets: Dogs and Cats

275 Pages of detailed content covering

This digital book will allow you to treat
injuries, ease pain, and even Save Your Pet's

...even if you have never treated anything,
and don't have the foggiest idea about animal

3. Acupressure Secrets Video

The most underused, yet incredibly powerful
healing skill that you can be implementing with
your own dog or cat.

There are close to 400 points, but you just need
to know 15 of them to benefit your cat and dog.

This is a 30 Minute Video of me demonstrating
Acupressure techniques.

Download this Instructional Video and WATCH me
demonstrate the essential Acupressure point's
you need to know:

4. Healing Massage for Dogs and Cats Video

This is a BRAND NEW video..

Learn how to correctly perform Healing Massage
for your dog or cat.

In this 90 Minute Video, I demonstrate the major
Massage techniques that you can use to heal your
pet for a variety of illnesses, and increase the
bond you have with your pet.

Download this Instructional Video and watch me
demonstrate the techniques.

5. Herbal Pet Healing Video

Learn the benefits of Herbal Healing for your
dog or cat. In the 30 Minute Video, I show you
how to prepare and administer Herbal Remedies.
This also comes with an extensive e-book Report.

Included in the Instructional Video and Report downloads:

* See how to prepare an Arthritis Poultice
* See how to make Herbal Eye Drops and a First Aid Salve
* Learn how to make a general Herbal Health Tonic
* Read about the Top 16 Herbs in Herbal Pet Healing

6. Homeopathic At Home Remedies Video

Learn how to diagnose your pet's illness, choose
the appropriate Homeopathic Remedy, and correctly
administer it to your pet.

Included with this 60 minute Instructional Video is a detailed

The Video and Report downloads cover:

* Detailed explanation and background on Homeopathy
* Case Analysis and Choosing a Remedy
* Homeopathic Remedies for 20 common Illnesses
* Vaccine Alternatives with Homeopathy

7. Veterinary Secrets Revealed 2.1 Walkthrough Video Presentation

The 2 Hour complete Walkthrough of Veterinary
Secrets Revealed 2.1, narrated by me, Dr. Andrew Jones.

I take you through the entire Manual going into
even more detail on the most important Healing
Modalities (Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupressure and Massage).

I cover the Most common dog and cat health
problems, and I show you the precise Remedies to

8. At Home Pet Health Exam video

In this video presentation seminar (audio and slides),
I go over an entire (and thorough!) exam of your
dog or cat...

How you should do it at home... What to look for...

How you can perform a detailed at home exam on
your dog or cat and find exactly what is wrong.

44 minute video presentation covers:

* Taking your pet's Vital Statistics
* Examining the Eyes
* Ear, Nose, Mouth
* Examination of the Neck, Larynx and Thyroid gland
* The Skin
* Evaluation of the Genital and Urinary system
* Musculoskeletal
* Gastrointestinal
* The Heart
* Lungs and Airways
* Evaluating blood pressure
* At-home Pet Exam Worksheet

9. NEW CPR Video

This comprehensive, 1 hour and 15 minute video presentation

* Treating Your Pet for Shock and the exact Actions to take now
* What to Do if Your Pet Stops Breathing
* The Quick Actions to take if your pet is choking
* What to do if your pet's heart stops
* The MOST COMMON poisons... Here is What you need to do FIRST
* Bleeding in Dogs and Cats... Knowing these Vital Pressure
Points can literally SAVE your dog or cat's life

Your copy is here:

Try My System For 75% OFF And Get FIVE Fr**ee

Bonus 1: Allergies in Dogs and Cats

* The causes of allergies
* surprising kitchen ingredient for Hot Spots
* The most effective remedy for stopping itching FAST

Bonus 2: Arthritis solutions for pets

* how to tell IF your dog or cat has arthritis
* dealing with the pain of arthritis
* the KEY Acupressure points to use
* Supplements which Work- the ingredients and concentrations

Bonus 3: Cancer in Dogs and Cats

* common causes of cancer in pets- and WHAT to avoid
* a Herbal ingredient with studies backing its effectiveness
* The Cancer Diet delaying progression
* the most important supplements for cancer

Bonus 4: Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats

* the KEY mineral you need to block
* what diets are MOST effective
* This Antacid works GREAT for Kidney Failure
* Pet Not eating?...Try this

Bonus 5: Dog and Cat At Home Recipes E-Book

Over 50 Dog and Cat Food Recipes that you can make at home NOW.

* Recipes that you can TRUST - Veterinary approved
* Side Effects Of Vaccines
* What supplements need to be added, and what does not
* Balanced, simple make-at-home diets for common pet
health problems, such as Allergies AND Cancer

This SPECIAL ends in 48 HOURS

That's MORE BONUSES than I have EVER offered before ...and you
get them all FR*EE when you try my Entire Digital Home Study
System for 75% OFF.

Go here right now and claim your copy before they're all gone!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. This special 75% OFF sale ends at MIDNIGHT on Tuesday April
If you'd like to get the revolutionary dog and cat healing system
so many pet owners are raving about ...and SAVE $297 then go

P.P.S. The Animals will THANK you!!!

P.P.P.S. For those of you who CAN'T afford the
Special, you have the chance to WIN a Complimentary Course by
going to my blog and telling me your MOST heartwarming animal
rescue story.


Good Luck!!

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