Xtended [No Strings!] UF 30% OFF

January 24th, 2017 at 10:11 am EDT
Hello Friend,

This has been extended as many of you didn't get adequate notice- I have been taking care of Lewis.

                          Ultimate Feline Special:

For Re-ordering or Multiple Jars:
Get a jar of Ultimate Feline for
30% OFF!

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
P.S.  This SPECIAL 30% OFF Sale ENDS Tuesday Jan 24th at MIDNIGHT!

Ultimate Feline Health Formula contains over 30 therapeutic ingredients that have HELPED over 5000 cats.

  • Alleviate Recurrent Episodes of Diarrhea and/or Vomiting
  • Relieve Limping or Lameness
  • Help with Repeated Bladder Infections
  • Increase Energy - help your Cat if Withdrawn and Sleeping Longer
  • Lower Excessive Intestinal Gas and Relieve Upset Stomach
  • Delay and help many of the common symptoms of an aging cat
  • Improve Slow, Stiff, or Awkward Movements
  • Boost an Ineffective or Weakened Immune System
  • Decrease Chronic Itching and Scratching
  • Help Prevent Recurring Ear Infections
  • Runny Healthy Cat
  • Healthy Happy Cat
  • Help if your Cat has difficulty Jumping up or Walking
  • May Improve Cataracts or Watery Eyes
  • Improve your Cat's Coat and Skin
  • Lower Arthritic Pain and Inflammation
  • Reduce the Risk of Allergies
  • Decrease incidence of age related diseases
  • Lessen Shedding and Hair Loss
  • Aid with Feline Obesity
  • Lessen the occurrence of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  • Is Safe with and may help cats with Chronic Renal Failure
 This is the most cost effective time to try my supplement and see how it can help your cat

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian. Dr Andrew Jones resigned from the College of Veterinarians of B.C. effective December 1 2010, meaning he cannot answer specific questions about your pet's medical issues or make specific medical recommendations for your pet.

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