What happened with Lewis

November 21st, 2016 at 11:16 am EDT
Hello Friend,

A cheery Monday to you and your family :-)

Today I am giving an update as to WHAT happened to my dog Lewis, and how he is doing now.

I often have pet owners Asking me questions..

As WHAT is this?

Is there ANYTHING alternative I can do?

Well often YES

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                  An Update on Lewis

Lewis was chewing on a bone a wee bit TOO small last week.

Then he came into the house with a SORE mouth

Reluctant to chew- he wouldn't really let me have a proper look

Consistently painful on palpation of the Left Upper mouth...especially around the Big Upper 4th Premolar

So last week we headed to ...the Vet

my former clinic, the Nelson Animal Hospital

It is always so different to experience it as a client, versus being 'The Vet'

Nerve wracking

Especially the anesthesia, and WHAT they are going to find..Anesthesia went well- I was in the room the entire time to see what was happening..

Some great anesthesia monitoring, and new anesthetic drugs and techniques I will discuss in an upcoming newsletter

Lewis' PRIMARY problem was a LARGE hole/infected necrotic tissue in the upper Left area of his mouth behind the Upper Teeth

It was explored, the infected tissue was debrided, and nothing in particular was found

A sample was taken to send to the Lab

2 small upper molars were removed, BUT it was primarily the HOLE in his mouth..

It appears that he was chewing on TOO small a bone, broke off sharp pieces, then punctured the back of his mouth..

Hence the acute pain..and infection

Lewis recovered quickly and is on this for meds

1. Metacam pain killer
2. Amoixil as an antibiotic
3. I added in curcumin as additional antiinflammatory and pain relief - the Metacam is only once daily, and I feel he needs something else to help him at night. The curcumin really seemed to help.

I dosed him at 800mg of 95% curcuminoids every 12 hours

Now he is Eating, Drinking, and Wanting Love and Attention..( Normal Lewis stuff :-)  )

I'll let you know when he biopsy results come in
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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
P.S. I was VERY relieved...for ALL of it. It's hard to have a sick pet, and then so hard NOT to worry.. Probably would have made be a better vet to be on ' the pet owner' side at times...

But here I am :-)

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