[Veterinary Secrets] The TRUTH behind Vets, Vaccines, Diet and Disease

September 21st, 2011 at 3:00 am EDT

Good morning Friend,

I am having a BIG Thank You for being a subscriber sale.

In the spirit of giving Thanks, I want to also give you this special report:

The Truth behind Veterinarians, Vaccines, Diet and Disease.

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Veterinary Truths

Many of you have written to tell me about the
increasing costs of Veterinary Care- in many
cases you just can't afford what is advised.

Others haven't had the best experience, and have
felt overcharged- some of you report feeling
pressured to consent to diagnostics, later
wondering if they were necessary.

In my Report, you'll learn HOW to avoid being
overcharged, the RIGHT questions to ASK,
PLUS How to ensure that your pet does NOT
have a Conventional Medication Side Effect.

Vaccine Truth

It's NO secret that Vaccines have been linked
to virtually every common dog and cat health
problem- Injecting a combination of 'foreign
material' into your pets every year can overwhelm
their immune system.

In my report you'll get my Advised Vaccine Regimen
for dogs and cats, PLUS what to give after Vaccines
to avoid vaccine reactions.

The QUESTION of Diet

Many pet owners are increasingly concerned
about WHAT to feed their pets. During the Pet Food
Recall, over 3600 animals died, and 10 times that
number were affected with Chronic Kidney Failure.

You have BIG Pet Food Companies, PLUS your
Veterinarian telling you to feed this 'All in One'
Commercial Kibble.

BUT: As with yourself, NOT all nutrition can
come in a bag. And when you see what happened with
the Pet Food Recall, its vitally important to
know WHAT to feed your pet.

In my Report, you'll get my Advised Pet Food
List- these are companies that I have researched,
and I am confident advising that you feed this to
your dog or cat.

I'll give some Balanced Dog and Cat Food Recipes
that you can make at home.

PLUS you'll get the specifics on HOW to feed Raw.

Disease...HOW to best Prevent and Treat it

There are over 1000 Safe, Natural, and
Effective At Home Remedies in Veterinary Secrets
Revealed- and they work.

You DON'T always need to see your Vet, and You
DON'T always need to use Conventional Medication.

In my Special Report, I am going to give you
a TONNE of Remedies that you can immediately
use to Heal your Pet At Home NOW.

I am covering the more common diseases, such
as Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer, Vomiting
and Urinary Tract Infections.

PLUS I reveal my KEYS to Keeping your pet
healthy, PREVENTING disease, and extending
your pet's life.

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Heal your pet at home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational
purposes only and is not intended to replace the
advice of your own veterinarian. Dr Andrew Jones
resigned from the College of Veterinarians of
B.C. effective December  1 2010, meaning he
cannot answer specific questions about your
pet's medical issues or make specific medical
recommendations for your pet.

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