The BEST Greeters EVER

April 22nd, 2011 at 5:40 am EDT

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Hello Friend,

Re: The BEST Greeters


A BIG HELLO to you and your pets this Friday morning.

Finally after a bunch of flights, my family and I are back in Canada.

Yes we woke up to snow.

Yes we ALL had cold feet wearing flip flops at the airport.

But the coolness is a welcome relief :-)

( I know this may be hard to believe if you ar still WAITING for Spring to get warmer, BUT try sleeping with sweat on your back and ants crawling up your legs..)

As we pulled up to our house, WHO do you think was there to GREET us?



House Sitter? work

Our GAGGLE of Pets...Lewis and Jessie came running...

Jessie couldn't stop talking ( you've got to hear it)

Lewis, who has yet to lose the jump up on you when he is happy greeting, jumped up on EVERYONE

They were rolling on the ground, rolling against our legs, and Jessie WOULDN'T leave my side.

Next out came Cleo and Gussie ( our cats)...Cleo was walking on top of the luggage, while Gussie proceeded to follow me with Jessie throughout the house..

You then start to appreciate little things..

In Costa Rica they have a small septic systems, meaning toilet paper CAN'T be put in the toilet :-(

SO as I headed to the bathroom, I was OH so happy to watch the toilet paper circle in the bowl and be flushed away!!

And who is outside the door waiting for me?

Lewis, Jessie and Gussie

I feel like some type of celebrity with my pets..

Last night it was GREAT to feel COLD, and have a comforter on our beds..

Lewis slept with my daughter, Jessie slept with my son, Cleo and Gussie alternated different positions on our bed..

And Cleo's morning ritual of waking me up by sitting on my head and tapping my face with his paw was WELCOME..

Gussie greeted me a the bottom of the stairs, and is now partly sitting on the computer keyboard as I attempt to write this.

Our pets, ( and their humans) are happy...

I am very grateful for our pets...I can't imagine having a more WELCOMING greeting upon returning home !!!


P.S. While we were gone, our old neighbors and wonderful house sitters, were very dedicated in giving Cleo, Gussie, Lewis and Jessie their supplements.

All of our pets are now older, but they are SUPER healthy, and I suspect a BIG part is due to the supplement.

The easiest way to be keeping your dogs and cats healthy ( and preventing disease) is with a complete and EFFECTIVE supplement.

Does it need to be mine?


BUT I have yet to find a comparable dog or cat supplement with as many KEY ingredients.

You can get a 50% OFF trial bottle here:

P.P.S. My family is all getting together this weekend, as my father died last Easter Sunday..

Even though it's been a year, it's still hard to have him gone. I and my family were LAUGHING are head off at the video. It's such a great way to remember him.

His memorial page and extremely funny video is at:

Heal your pet at home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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