Supplement Costs Rise Today: Lock in Before Midnight

April 18th, 2012 at 5:00 am EDT

A cheery Good Morning to you and your pets this Wednesday.

Today is the last day to get Ultimate Canine at the discounted cost:

Rising Costs

First a BIG Thank You to those who are on Ultimate Canine, and are getting some wonderful results.

Due to recent cost increases, we will be raising the price of the Economy size jar by $5.00, on April 19th, 2012.

But You can LOCK in at the lower cost by acting in the next 7 days.

All current plans and any new plans created before that date will remain locked in at the current pricing.

(If you currently have an active plan, your price will not change).

LOCK in your lower cost Ultimate Canine here:

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. Here is a small snippet of positive comments:

"... he doesnt limp anymore ..."

"Bonjour, I use Ultimate canin for my two dogs : one ( terrier de Boston ) has arthritis . Before using your supplement he limped (boiter) now he doesnt limp anymore so I give also Ultimate canin to my little Shistzu (prevention).

Have a good day and thank you very much for your product.


Janine Alfieri, Montreal, Quebec

"... coats are in excellent condition ..."

" I have used the canine supplement for several years. My dogs coats are in excellent condition which I hope means that their internal organs are in good shape too!! "

Betty Murphy, KY

"... the greatest supplement that I have used and recommend it to everyone ..."

"This is the greatest supplement that I have used and recommend it to everyone. It makes a huge difference in the dogs behavior health and attitude. He is 9 and thinks he is 1. A very large Dobie and he loves the stuff too. "

'Florence 'Teeto" Gleb, California

If you have yet to try it, get your 50% OFF trial bottle:

To LOCK IN your lower cost ECONOMY Jar before the $5 increase:

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