Stop exporting live horses for slaughter

January 9th, 2023 at 11:28 am EST

Live horses are shipped by air from Western Canada to Japan for human consumption as a raw delicacy

  • The journey from feedlots in Canada to those in Japan commonly takes more than 24 hours, and can lawfully take up to 28 hours, during which time horses are deprived of food, water, and rest;

  • Horses panic easily, have strong fight or flight instincts, and have extremely sensitive hearing;

  • Horses are flown from Canada to Japan in cramped wooden crates;

  • Transport from Canada to Japan causes horses to experience significant stress and puts them at risk of injury, illness, and even death during transport;

Horses raised for the live export market are usually bred and raised on barren feedlots mired in mud and manure, with no enrichment or shelter from the elements.

Despite many complaints by organizations like the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition over a period of several years, these problems continue.  According to Humane Society International, “Canadian animal transport standards are among the worst in the industrialized world”.

Suffering is inherent in long distance transport. The longer the time of the journey, the greater the risk of serious health and welfare problems such as respiratory problems, colic, gastrointestinal problems, injuries and death.  In view of all these factors, we are asking the government of Canada to act immediately to ban live horse export for slaughter.

You can sign the petition here:


Dr. Andrew Jones

P.S. I can't believe that we allow this to happen.

Signing this petition may help force the government to make the ILLEGAL, as it should be

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