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July 22nd, 2015 at 6:01 am EST
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A happy Wednesday to you!

Here is the Birthday boy Michael playing pipes with our Mom at my wedding in Nova Scotia...

In celebration of my brother Michael's Birthday we are having a special:

Veterinary Secrets To Quickly and Easily Solve Your Pets' Health Problems At Home

Dr. Jones' Pet Healing Therapy Package includes:

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Chronic Scratching HELP

Does your dog do ANY of this?

Chronic itching
Hair loss
Recurring ear infections
Skin infections

Diagnosis: Likely Allergies, and specifically atopy.

This was the most common reason I saw clients at my practice, and a question that I commonly receive..

What can you do to help?

Here are some specific new remedies to consider:

FEET WASHING. Regularly washing of your dog’s paws after they come in from being outside is one of the best ways to decrease the itching; this washes of the outdoor allergens. You can use a damp cloth, or put your pup in the bath.

THE SUPPLEMENT CONNECTION. Fatty Acid supplements are very helpful in decreasing the level of inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids are most important. The main point is to give a high enough dose to be effective, and the ideal dose is 1000mg per 10lbs daily. A great, inexpensive source is flax oil; I give 1 tablespoon per 50lbs. Cats are unable to metabolize flax, so I only recommend the liquid fish oil supplement for them. Other sources include primrose oil and specific veterinary supplements.

PROBIOTICS. The good bacteria found in yoghurt, and my supplements, Ultimate Feline and Ultimate Canine Health Formula.

One study examined whether the use of a probiotic supplement or a placebo could affect the incidence of eczema in infants.- this is a common allergic skin condition of people. Over 1000 pregenant women were randomized, with 50% of the mothers taking probiotics, and their children took it for the first 2 years of life.

The probiotic consuming mothers had children that were 30% less likely to have excema.

The thought here is that the immune system needs to learn how to react appropriately to some bacteria, so then it doesn’t over-react to ‘normal’ environmental components and cause allergies.
The main point here is that if you have an allergic pet, you should have them on probiotics for at least 90 days to see if they can help. If you have a pet coming from an allergic line, then get them on probiotics as a puppy.

HERBAL CREAMS. There are a few herbs to consider topically: Licorice gel, chamomile cream, and topical curcumin.

One double-blind study compared a 1% and 2% licorice gel compared to a placebo gel for eczema. After two weeks, both the 1% and 2% licorice gels were more effective than the placebo gel.

Another study compared chamomile cream to 0.5% hydrocortisone cream or placebo. After two weeks, the chamomile cream was more effective than the hydrocortisone cream.

Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and may be very beneficial for topical allergy treatment.

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM
P.S.  My older dog Jessie was recently groomed,  ( here he is reluctantly having his picture taken...)

With the grooming, his lumps become more prominent.

Here is one such lump

Jessie's lump is soft, moveable and slow growing.

For those of you that 'guess' the correct diagnoses, you'll be entered in a contest to get a free copy of my NEW and SOON to be released REAL book.

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P.P. S. Michael has been with me all along while we grow Veterinary Secrets..when we first started Fraser and Ewan were soo small.

We are getting older....

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