Spay/Neuter Increases ACL injury

September 19th, 2018 at 9:16 am EDT
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Today's article covers ACL ( Knee ligament) injury and the connection to being spayed/neutered

There are many different things that can play a role in whether or not your dog injuries their ACL- but do what you can to provide the right environment for a healthy joint, along with supplements to support the ligaments as well.

In my opinion you should consider, a quality Joint supplement with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, essential fatty acids, and even 95% curcumin

You can get these in a number of different formulations, but just ensure the ingredients are quality, and in high enough levels.

One such option is my supplement- you can use others, but just make sure they have most of those ingredients. Mine just also happens to have higher than typical levels of ingredients, and is proving helpful for thousands of pets.

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Spay/Neuter Increasing Incidence of ACL Injury

A recent study has conclusively shown that IF you have your dog spayed or neutered - especially prior to sexual maturity, then they will have an increased risk of damaging their knee- specifically ACL injury.

The paper is titled:

Slauterbeck, JR; Pankratz, KG; Xu, KT; Bozeman, SC; Hardy, DM
Texas Tech Medical Center, TX

It is here:

The paper was being used to suggest dogs could also be a model for people and ACL injury, especially athletes.

The authors concluded this..

Gonadectomy increased the prevalence of ACL injury
across sizes and breeds of dogs of either sex. Altering the
amount and presentation of sex hormones through spaying or
neutering a dog may mimic the conditions of oligomenorrhea or
amenorrhea that occur in female athletes. The finding that
gonadectomy in dogs is associated with increased prevalence of
ACL injury supports that idea that sex hormones affect the
ACL’s material properties, size, or both.

We conclude that ACL injury occurs with a high
prevalence in dogs, and that spaying or neutering significantly
increases the prevalence of this injury.

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P.S. So WHAT do you do?

Well if you can, wait until your dog reaches sexually maturity, and has done all of his/her bone, muscle and ligament growth..typically at 2 years.

When I next get a mid/large size dog I will wait until 2 years before spay/neuter happens.

P.P.S. As well I will be faithfully supplementing EVERY day, with Ultimate Canine or Ultimate Canine Advanced..

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UC Advanced- great for more serious cases..

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