Old Family Pic, Plus Flu Vaccine Myths?

October 23rd, 2012 at 5:27 am EDT

Hi Friend,

First you've go to see this old family picture..I'm on the right ( blond hair), and my brother Michael ( internet partner in crime is on the left), our youngest brother Ian is next to Michael....Good to see our styles have somewhat changed  :-)

The season of disease is upon us...coughing, sneezing, colds, the flu...

In veterinary practice it seemed that the fall often brought more ill dogs and cats as well..

The question then gets asked:

DO you vaccinate?

Well my first suggestion is that you focus in building up your dog or cats immune system.

1. LOTS of TLC...being bonded/connected is not just airy/fairy stuff, it really does prevent disease, in people and pets. In fact we WAY undervalue this, and studies involving people show that those with strong family/ extended family connections have far lower incidence of disease.

2. Diet- feed your pets, and yourself healthier

3. Exercise- regular, at least 30 mins twice daily

4. Supplements...lysine as an anti-viral, antioxidant vitamin/minerals, probiotics, colostrum,, essential fatty acids    (to name a few)

5. Ultimate Canine and Ultimate Feline. My supplements contain nutrients to support your dog and cat's immune system,including:
lysine as an anti-viral, antioxidant vitamin/minerals, probiotics, colostrum,, essential fatty acids

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Here is part of an article recently published by a conventional news site:

Flu vaccine myths dispelled

1) The flu shot makes you sick.

The flu shot can give you a sore arm and aches. Each year’s vaccine is only designed to protect against the strains it includes. Fever occurs infrequently after vaccination, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

2) Flu vaccines don't work.

A review of studies from 1967 to 2012 concluded that standard injectable influenza vaccines containing three strains protect healthy adults aged 18 to 64 at a rate of about 59 per cent. Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota and the report's lead author.

"During some influenza seasons vaccination offers substantially more protection for most of the population than being unvaccinated; however, influenza vaccine protection is markedly lower than for most routinely recommended vaccines and is suboptimal," the report concluded.

3) Pregnant women can't be vaccinated.

Getting immunized during pregnancy protects women and infants for the first six months of life when they can't be vaccinated, Dr. Scott Halperin, head of the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology in Halifax, said in an interview.

If you are pregnant (or planning to get pregnant) it is safe to get immunized with the inactivated influenza vaccine, Alberta Health Services says.

Dr Jones' comments

1) The flu vaccine can make you, and your pets sick. You are usually injecting some foreign into your pet's body, and asking their immune system to respond.

Ever wonder why up to 25% of dogs have allergies?

In large part in response to their immune system OVER reacting- it potentially reacts that way secondarily to vaccines

2) They claim that the Flu vaccine works.

Consider this..

The batch of flu vaccines being given now were manufactured months ago  ( prior to anyone knowing WHAT strain of flu is now in North America).. In other words it a bit of a guessing game..

On top of that, the study points of that only 59% of people are protected..41% are NOT.

3) Safe for Pregnant Women..

Really?  I have never advised vaccinating dogs or cats during pregnancy, so I don't see how it can EVER be safe for people.

Just how many studies have been done during pregnancy?

Likely zero.

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. Will I be getting a flu vaccine?



1. Potential for side effects...Vaccines have been linked to cancer, autoiimune disease, allergies, autism

2. The risks in my opinion outweigh the 'benefit'

3. The flu in most cases is treated by rest and time

4. I am following much of the above suggestions in keeping my immune system healthy

P.P.S. If your not vaccinating your pets, you should be giving this.

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