My wife has Giardia!...Natural Giardia treatment for dogs and cats

November 23rd, 2022 at 1:07 pm EDT

My wife has been sick here in Peru for nearly 2 week...I sent out a newsletter about this on Monday, and one SO helpful subscriber suggested having her examined/treated for Giardia..

We visited a very friendly small city doctor here in the North Peru town of Chachapoyas, and it turns out that is EXACTLY what he thinks she has

Giardia typically shows up as diarrhea, and this in general is one of the more common problems our pets face..

One of the easiest ways to deal with diarrhea is with a quality probiotic.

Which just so happens to be in my supplements for dogs and cats

And they are here:

This cute little dog who I call Benji lives directly across from our hostel here in Chachapoyas.. he comes over for a daily petting whenever I open the hostel front door :-)

Giardia or 'Beaver Fever'

Giardiais a protozoan parasite that can infect the gastrointestinal tract of dogs and cat and is capable of causing diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and lethargy — although many infected animals show no signs at all.

It is common throughout North America and can cause infections at almost any time of year. Unlike many other infectious organisms, giardia persists longer in the environment when conditions are cool and moist.

Most pets become infected by drinking water contaminated with feces. Giardia then infects the small intestine, and infected pets pass microscopic cysts in their stool. These cysts can then infect another animal or person if ingested. Giardia cysts are very resistant in the environment, and can live for many months under the correct circumstances.

After infection, it takes 5-12 days in dogs or 5-16 days in cats for Giardia to be found in the host’s stool. Diarrhea can precede the shedding of the Giardia. Infection is more common in kennel situations where animals are housed in groups.

Clinical Signs

  • Diarrhea, watery, maybe bloody

  • Gas

  • Foul-smelling, greasy feces

  • Stomach cramps or pain

  • Upset stomach or nausea

  • Dehydration


A broad spectrum dewormer called fenbendazole (Panacur) seems to be the most effective conventional treatment at this time.

Metronidazole in relatively high doses has been a classical treatment for Giardia but studies show it to only be effective in 67% of cases. The high doses required to treat Giardia also have been known to occasionally result in temporary neurologic side effects or upset stomach. For some resistant cases, both medications are used concurrently.

Because cysts can stick to the fur of the infected patient and be a source for re-infection, the positive animal should receive a bath at least once in the course of treatment. At the least, the patient should have a bath at the end of the treatment course.

Alternative Options

Coconut Oil

Alternatively, there is now mounting evidence to suggest that some of the naturally derived, medium-chain, saturated fatty acids (MCSFAs) possess anti-microbial and anti-parasitic properties. We have therefore examined the effects of four different fatty acids on G. duodenalis trophozoites in vitro.

Conclusion: Lauric Acid improved the therapeutic effect against Giardia when combined with metronidazole

Artemisinins (Wormwood)

The increase in resistance of G. lamblia to commonly used anti-giardia agents necessitates the development of novel therapeutics. In this study, we show that A. annua extract is effective in controlling giardiasis in a hamster disease model. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the A. annua exerts its therapeutic effect by reducing trophozoite count, alleviating inflammation, and reversing pathological damage to the intestinal wall. Therefore, we believe that A. annua could be a potential effective therapeutic for the management of G. lamblia resistant strains.

Avocado Seed

Antiprotozoal and antimycobacterial activities of Persea americana seeds

Persea americana seeds are widely used in traditional Mexican medicine to treat rheumatism, asthma, infectious processes as well as diarrhea and dysentery caused by intestinal parasites.


...seed extracts from P. americana showed amoebicidal and giardicidal activity.

Dr Jones' thoughts

Wormwood has been well documented to be effective against malaria, and now against other common protozoal parasites such as Giardia, Toxoplasmosis, etc.. It clearly can help for Giardia.

Of interest to me is the Avocado Seed extract. One of the hostel owners gave my wife grated avocado seed tea, and she felt much better later that day and the next day.. that makes me think it was having anti-giardia effects.

You can make a very nutritious tea by boiling 1 tablespoon of the avocado pit powder in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let it stand for another 5 minutes. Add some honey and drink immediately.

Dog/Cat Doses

It is also generally helpful for intestinal upset. I would suggest 1/4 cup/20lbs of body weight twice daily.

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Andrew Jones

P.S. THANKS again for being a subscriber, and offering suggestions... so appreciated :-)

And my wife is already feeling better!

P.P.S. Probiotics are KEY to helping your pets both prevent and treat illness, especially gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea.

They are also now well documented to be beneficial for immune function, inflammatory disorders ( ie allergies), and even cognitive help.

Both me ( and my pets!) are on probiotics daily

Here is the easiest way to to help your pets

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