My bleeding wife

April 14th, 2011 at 8:02 am EDT

Hola and Good morning from Costa Rica..

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Surfing Injury

Yesterday my family and I attempted to surf here in Costa Rica.

We all took surf lessons, and things went well.

My kids were up on the board before us.

Then we all went out on our own.


A BIIIIIIIG wave hit my wife, grabbing her board- sending it
up in the air.

It came down HARD ON her head- and nearly knocked her out, but
did cause a big gash, and a TONNE of blood.

Fortunately I was close by - I walked her out, with blood STREAMING
down her face.

It definitely LOOKED bad.

After washing off some of the blood, I could see a 3 inch laceration
extending from the top of her hairline to her skull.

I applied pressure-

covered it with gauze

And checked her for shock.

Fortunately I had a stocked First Aid Kit, with sutures and local

I first gave her Arnica.

She consented to me placing sutures, so we set up a quick operating/
lawn chair table by the pool at the hotel, and I sutured on.

24 hours later it looks quite good.

Although she does have one VERY SORE head.

I am hoping for a quiet rest of our vacation!!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew J

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