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I have a rather unpleasant problem..

We recently aquired some house additions..

Newish furniture, from a moving out sale

Two big 'heritagy' comfy chairs, and a super comfortable couch

Lovely fabric, wonderful design, and they look great next to the wood floors

....Did I mention the comfortable thing?

I was especially excited as we are finally getting rid of the COLD, and UNCOMFORTABLE leather couch

But 1 week later...

The dreaded smell

Cat urine on top of one of the chair cushions.


Some deep breaths

Think of my 'happy place'

I chose not to yell and scream ( although a few choice words came out) &##########  &^%%%%%%%%%%%

As I wandered upstairs in a fog of disbelief, I went to grab a shirt from the laundry room

Guess what?

MORE cat pee...

Followed by MORE choice words, MORE deep breathing, then a small TEMPER TANTRUM

So here's my plan:

1. Test Cleo and Gussie for underlying disease- ie kidney disease, UTI

2. Cleaner litter boxes ...It just so happens that were away camping this weekend, and the litter boxes weren't cleaned the same.

3. Special 'get rid of cat urine smell forever' cleaner- The previous owners of the furniture had cats, and no doubt there is some territorial marking going on

4. I am looking at getting a 'scat mat' to discourage any of our felines from hanging out ON the furniture in question.

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. Suggestions are appreciated!

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