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December 16th, 2011 at 4:04 am EDT

Hello and Good Morning fellow pet advocate..

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A home remedy story

A neighbor of mine has a cute Nelson mix breed ( a tonne of breeds), who developed an eye infection ( conjunctivitis)...

He goes to his vet.

And leaves with a bill for $275, some conventional medicated cream to treat conjunctivitis, and some conventional pain medication

At the vet his dog had an eye stain, had the tear production checked, had topical anesthetic to check for anything within the eye, then given the meds..

Another neighbor has a newish kitten which also happens to develop an eye infection.

But this neighbor chooses to use my book, and after examining her cat's eye, treats him with a soothing kitchen remedy...black tea.

Her bill?


Now you can be doing the same thing at your home, with your own pets, with remedies that are already in your house.

But you need somewhere to start.

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Heal Your Pet At Home!

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Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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"Hello Dr. Jones,

I wanted to let you know that I have read your entire book and it has assisted me in educating myself about many things I can do to keep my cats healthier.

This is a wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends. I actually used the eye bright remedy because my one cat had an irritated eye, and it cleared up quickly with remedy. Thank you so much."

Cindy Ishkanian, FL

"I have been looking for alternative methods to treat my dogs for years. It is frustrating, to say the least, that most vets are not alternatively minded.

So, Dr. Jones, when I found your information online, I gladly purchased your wonderful, very reasonably priced e-book and put it to use immediately. For example, I had a pom who had a collapsed trachea, diagnosed by several vets with no treatment offered besides surgery and drugs.
I looked in the ebook and by your recommendation I purchased Hylands natural cough syrup and lo and behold, she stopped her coughing and was able to walk or bark without coughing. I was so relieved and I was so thankful that I was able to help her myself. Before, I would have been scared to give her something that I wasn't sure would hurt her.

I will refer to the informative Veterinary Secrets Revealed whenever I have an issue come up with my pets. I have been involved with alternative medicine for 20 years now and I will continue to search for natural and safe treatments.

I am so thankful to you Dr. Jones for making alternative medicine for animals available to me. I am a happy customer. Keep up the fabulous work. I only wish you were practicing here in Austin, TX."

Catherine Ruivivar CBP, Par BP, RMT, Austin Texas

If you are at ALL interested in using At Home Remedies, and Holistic healing for your pets, I suggest you follow the lead of thousands of others here:


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