Hola from Costa Rica!

March 24th, 2011 at 4:58 am EDT

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
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Re: Susan Boyle and her cats


A happy Thursday to you all.

A BIG hello and Hola to you Friend- I am currently
in Costa Rica on vacation with my family..

Big culture shock, and my lack of Spanish makes for some
interesting conversations..

The country is bonita ( i think that means beautiful), and we
have already seen a pack of Howler monkeys, too many birds to
mention, a pile of sea creatures, some possum type creatures
nesting in a tree, and tomorrow we are going to spend some time
at a wildlife rescue center.

The locals ( Tico's) are very friendly, and used to dealing with
those who speak una pequena ( a little).

My children are ecstatic, the beach is great, and the cerveza's
taste beuno!

The dogs and cats we have seen are relatively well cared for,
although most of the dogs are un-neutered or un-spayed- I would
love to have something to say about that, but my Vet association
says otherwise...( that's for another newsletter)

The locals sure like our children, especially with the blond hair
...one of the taxi drivers asked if I was some famous actor..??

Not sure who that would be, but my wife noted how that was for
my ego :-)

On the bus from San Jose ( a big sprawling crazy crime filled
city), to our current quiet little place near Cahuita, another
local was talking about becoming famous, then asked if I knew
Susan Boyle?

Nope, not personally, but I sure love her story, and her voice.

Which got me thinking about it again....It's nice to watch again,
and a great way to start your day.

Talk soon..

A Dream

This is a video that many of you have seen -
but if you haven't, it is sure worth watching.

She lives with her 2 cats, alone, and have never been

Being a geeky kid, and an animal fanatic when I
was growing up, I can somewhat relate to her.

The cool thing is HOW no one in the audience, especially
the judges, expected her to sing anything like she can.

So sometimes the little guy wins, don't always judge
a book by it's cover, and sometimes dreams do come true.


The video is here:



P.S. Home Remedies, and alternate forms of healing are now
being 're-discovered' here in parts of Central America. Costs
of conventional medications are expensive, and many just can't
afford them...

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Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

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