[Dr Andrew] Rescue group denies theft allegations

December 29th, 2011 at 5:36 am EDT

I have previously reported on this story, and now there is more information.

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The directors of this dog rescue group deny the accusations, claiming that the entire story is not yet known.

CBC has a new video on this here:


The summary is that the 2 directors from 'Better Life Dog Rescue', are charged with attempting to steal a Vancouver families bulldog.

Investigators watched as two people wearing animal welfare uniforms tried to take the bulldog from a backyard.

In the Coquitlam case, Olson said they were told the bulldog was suffering and would freeze to death if left outside.

“The SPCA was called numerous times about this dog. It was only there two weeks, but it's not there anymore. I am curious about that,” said Olson.

Dr Andrew J

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P.P.S. Are they crossing the line?

Or are they advocating for animals that other groups, such as the SPCA are not?

I don't know the facts in this case, but I suspect that there is a bit of truth to both sides.

BUT it is still 'legal' to keep your dog chained up ALL day, so long as you provide food, water and basic shelter.

NOT much of a life.

AND if this is YOU, your dog would be MUCH happier elsewhere.

Seems to me that society needs to change- it's not really considered OK to leave your child tied up outside to their play house, so long as you leave them water and cheese slices.

IF you are to be a pet owner, society should expect MORE than providing just BARE necessities to survive.

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