Black Fried day Spezials, [Podcast interview!]

November 27th, 2020 at 10:02 am EST
How To Keep Your Pet Healthy with Natural Remedies and Dr Jones' Holistic Supplements for Less! 

For Black Friday, we want you to grab yourself ANYTHING in the Dr Jones' Online Store-  Ultimate Canine Health Formula, Ultimate Canine ADVANCED, Ultimate Feline, Ultimate CBD for Dogs and Cats, ULTIMATE Omega 3 Formula, All the Digital and Hardcover Books, ALL the Videos, and every step by step Pet Healing Course.

Looking for a last minute gift for that special someone? Why not the gift of healthier pets and Natural Home Veterinary Care :-)

Here's HOW to help your your pet, Save 20%, and support our mission of providing Free, Holistic Dog and Cat Care Information to empower Pet Parents around the world!

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The coupon is valid between Nov 25th and Nov 30th. The promotion does not refer to trial items.
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P.S.  I was recently interviewed on the 'Veterinary Innovation' Podcast..

If this is your sort of thing, I encourage you to listen!

You can hear the interview here:

Veterinary Innovation Website  

Apple Podcast 


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