April 28th, 2011 at 6:04 am EST

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Hello Friend,

A Good Morning to you. I am slowly adjusting to this COOOOOOOOLD Canada weather...

As I write this my cats refuse to go outside, and I can feel is still chilly.

Who gets more attention?

Have you EVER had grief from a significant other
( ie spouse etc..), because you have given MORE attention to your pets than them?

....So my family has been away a LONG time.

I am HAPPY to see my pets, and they are HAPPY to see me.

So last night Jessie ( my dog) was on the bed and his back is sore, so I was giving him a massage..He LOVES it, groaning, rolling over on to his side. His eyes even roll around.

Then my one cat Cleo was patiently waiting for attention staring at it became his turn, and I let him under the covers.

He was in a purring FRENZY.

I was speaking affectionately to him, when my wife noted HOW the pets were getting MORE attention than her.


It wasn't intentional

She also brought up HOW long it has been since she has had a massage.


BUT my pets are SO unconditional, and SO happy to get attention.

They make no comments about my lack of cleaning skills, or my continued trick of mixing colors with whites to become, well OFF white

Regardless, I obviously enjoy my pets, and it is just natural to give them extra attention and affection.

I just NEED to balance this with the HUMANS in my life :-)


P.S. Jessie and Gussie especially respond well to healing touch, especially Reiki. There is a NEW video on Reiki which shows  you  the exact STEP by STEP method to heal your dogs or cats naturally. You can see it RIGHT NOW here:

I will be using this later tonight on the 'human' significant others in my family to 'smooth the waters'...

P.P.S. One more thing...I could really use your help with an issue with my Ultimate Canine and Ultimate Feline sites, about the "Web Of Trust" rating.

The Web Of Trust is a browser add-on, and it allows visitors to give any site a 'rating' - from Very Poor to Excellent. It's not very reliable, because anyone can put a bad rating on a site for any reason whatsoever (even if they are just having a bad day or feel spiteful), and there is no accountability whatsoever. It's more of a popularity game.

For some reason the supplements sites have received a 'Poor' rating, without any comments or reasons why. It just takes a few to make a difference.

You could really help us out if you could go to the sites and give us a positive rating.

You'll need the add-on, here:

Just click 'Download free addon', and it will install on your browser. Then go to:

And click the addon button in your browser and drag the rating bar to 'Excellent' :)


Heal Your Pets At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones

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