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May 29th, 2012 at 6:30 am EDT

A Big Hi to you and your family of pets and people this Tuesday morning..

My New Veterinary Secrets Special Ends in 36 hours, and there are ONLY 5 Bonuses left.

Why am I having this?

I have just UPDATED Veterinary Secrets Revealed, with 40 Pages of NEW Remedies - and it's now available in Kindle, iPad/iPhone, Nook, Kobo, Sony (all e-Reader) format!

In celebration of this NEW version with MORE Natural Solutions to stop common dog and cat health problems, including allergies, arthritis, and urinary tract disease, I am having a 7 Day special.

My BEST EVER Dog and Cat Healing Therapy Sale, in which there are OVER 20 books and videos is here:


Dr. Jones' Pet Healing Therapy Package

1.Veterinary Secrets Revealed (e-Book)
2.Pet First Aid Secrets: Complete Pet First Aid Manual (e-Book)
3.At-Home Pet Health Exam (Video Download)
4.Appraising The Situation (Video Download)
5.Basic Home Veterinary Care (Video Download)
6.Healing Your Pets With Homeopathy (Video Download)
7.Healing Your Pets With Herbs (Video Download)
8.Pet Healing With Massage (Video Download)
9.Healing Your Pets With Acupressure (Video Download)
10.CPR For Dogs and Cats (Video Download)
11.Reiki for Dogs and Cats (Video Download)
12.Tellington T Touch for Dogs and Cats (Video Download)
13.Chiropractic Care for Dogs and Cats (Video Download)
14.Aromatherapy for Dogs and Cats (Video Download)
15.Flower Remedies for Dogs and Cats (Video Download)

PLUS 5 Bonuses

16.Bonus #1: Healing Your Pet Naturally Workshop Vol. 1 (Video)
17.Bonus #2: Healing Your Pet Naturally Workshop Vol. 2 (Video)
18.Bonus #3: Healing Your Pet Naturally Workshop Vol. 3 (Video)
19.Bonus #4: Pet Health Coaching Webinar (Video Download)
20.Bonus #5 (FIRST 100 ONLY): Healing Your Pet Naturally At Home

All this for 90% OFF- 1 payment of $97, or 2 payments of $49


Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. If you were to purchase ALL of these items seperately, it would cost over $1000.00.

There is a 2 pay option, 2 payments of $49

YOU can still get ALL of the bonuses, with Bonus #5 Healing Your Pet Naturally At Home DVD Video (DVD SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR)

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P.P.S. A NEW Special Report for you,

'New Veterinary Secrets: NEW At Home Remedies for Your Dog and Cat's Common health Problems.

Some of WHAT is revealed....

Is your dog chronically scratching?....Use this NEW remedy to QUICKLY stop the scratching at home NOW!

This ONE spice in your kitchen is a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory, and can seriously HELP any arthritic dog…What it is and HOW to give it

PAIN in dogs and cats….here are 2 NEW topical that can relieve it WITHOUT side effects of conventional medication

CANCER in Dogs and Cats….What is MOST IMPORTANT to give to PREVENT it

SENILE pet?....This NEW antioxidant may be EXACTLY what your pet needs

You can grab your copy by going here:


P.P.P.S. There are 5 bonuses remaining of the Healing Your Pet Naturally At Home Video, which gets shipped to your door.

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