Subject: UNESCO in Asia-Pacific News, April 2019

Prominent women who have made extraordinary contributions to their societies and communities – in medicine, journalism, culture and many other fields – have largely been ignored in historical narratives. Read more
The photos are shocking. The first shows young men in their underwear lying on the beach; in the second, one man is apparently licking ketchup from another’s chest. A third shows men lining up in two rows seemingly simulating sex. Read more
Plastic pollution now litters the highest reaches of Mount Everest to the lowest depths of the ocean, with recent news documenting micro-plastic contamination in the Mariana Trench. Read more
A nine-year-old in Malaysia, reading about a character named Amira in a school textbook, is told to take three steps to protect the “modesty of her genitals” and keep social ostracisation and family shame at bay. Read more
A study across 15 Indian cities found that 42% students in classes 4-8 and 36% in classes 9-12 reported experiencing harassment by schoolmates on campus, ranging from teasing to physical violence.Read more
How would you feel if you finished sixth grade, but still could not read or write? That is the reality for an estimated 240 million children who do not have access to education in their first or home language.Read more
Flexible, non-formal education has the potential to change these children and young people’s lives and expand their futures to the benefit of society around them. Read more
Historians and experts are convinced that the power of the Mrauk U Kingdom and its crucial military and economic role in the region derived from a well-engineered water management system. Read more
About 73% of respondents in the Philippines believe that homosexuality should be accepted by society, but that statistic shrouds deep-seated prejudice and discrimination. Read more
The rapper’s key message was that persons using sign language, as a linguistic cultural minority, are entitled to rights and protections, and he also addressed the need for inclusion in schools.Read more
What can make a school a happy place? Watch VDO
The Plastic Initiative: Inspiration for Youth.Watch VDO
Intangible Cultural Heritage: UNESCO Asia-Pacific In Graphic Detail #7
Read more
Youth Participation and Empowerment: UNESCO Asia-Pacific In Graphic Detail #8.
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L A T E S T   P U B L I C A T I O N S
School-related violence and bullying on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE)
Getting the message across: reporting on climate change and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific; A handbook for journalists

Technical toolkit for safeguarding Bagan
Final Report: Safeguarding Bagan within the World Heritage Framework
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