Subject: ULA Internal Newsletter January 2018

ULA Team,

Well, 2017 was a fantastic year!!! ULA finished 2017 with $5,611,986 in production (up 9.11% from 2016) and protected 9565 families over the course of the year!!! To say I am proud of your hard work is a major UNDERSTATEMENT. You all are the most dedicated team, and I am so blessed and inspired by you. Your efforts well exceeded any expectations.

There are A LOT of choices we have to make as we move into a new year, but I think the most important one is deciding to begin 2018 exuding positivity with a tremendous force. Together, we are invincible.

As we embark on the journey of a new year, try to think about the difference a simple attitude or perspective can make...

Who do you think is already on a path that will take them to the top? Who is on the fast path to success with an undefeatable attitude and self-motivation worth coveting? It's really pretty simple to see the type of person who will be successful when you watch the player with the biggest drive, and the smallest, most intense kind of focus. They are the ones among us who are finding answers when there doesn't seem to be one. They aren't looking to their left or right at the people next to them because the only thing they see is what's ahead.

So what's your outlook on the new year? I hope it's positive, goal oriented, and ready to take on anything! The new year is ours for the taking...let's make this the year we face whatever obstacles have stood in our way and finally conquer those challenges that beset us. Let's refuse to make excuses and finally pursue those goals that constantly get pushed off and bumped down the list.

Remember...nothing worth having comes easily.

Let's kick-start this year with renewed momentum!


The December Leader Board:

ULA finishes December at

Mark J: $24,343

TeZ M: $17,249
Brandon B: $15,233

Damon D: $14,447
Will N: $14,348
Kent S: $12,847
Andy C: $12,240
Ty W: $11,989
Mike B: $11,766
Joe R: $10,958
Julie S: $10,922
Jason M: $10,920
Todd T: $10,729

ULA: $344,706
Liquid Life: $142,575
RFG: $53,196
419 Financial Group: $52,424
A2Z: $51,345
TDT: $43,984
PFI: $32,988
The Neff Group: $28,815
CONGRATS on last month, guys! What a great year!

What's New for 2018....

Leader of the Month:

Mark J.
 Congratulations to Mark J. for being the ULA Leader of the Month for December! We are really proud of you Mark! What a GREAT example you've been to all of ULA!

Final Canada Qualifiers - Way to Go!

Mark J, Gabe B, TeZ M, Damon D, Rob J, Todd T, Matt H, 
Kent S, Will N, Chad L, Keith J

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