Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today September 2016

September is ending the huge month of August. During August, Kona qualifications came to an end. So, aloha and congratulations to those who will be on the trip with us. For the rest, I hope to see you on the next trip.

One of the best parts of this business is that the success is repeatable and achievable. You just have to be willing to follow the system.

That sounds easy to do, but after a stream of rejections, test your mindset. Do you go back to training, call your MGA, or do you call it a day?

My test started a little over seven years ago. My car was being repo’d, my hot water was shut off, and my house had gone dark. Some of you may be in that same place right now. Fear not, there is hope.

I could have called it quits—but I didn’t give up.

I realized I wanted a different life. So, I followed the ULA system and worked extremely hard. I woke up a bit earlier and went later, dug a little deeper, and made one more sale.

The result?

I’ve been able to provide the life my family deserves. I’m making more money than ever before. On top of that, I’m driving my dream car a Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

I’m not special. I just followed a proven system, went through MY process, and worked really hard. What will you be driving in seven years?

The August Leader Board

ULA had a Record-Breaking August with

  • Mark J. $25,786
  • Todd T. $22,583
  • Gabe B. $22,364 (Record)
  • Will E. $21,974 (Record)
  • Craig I. $21,876
  • Casey C. $21,424 (Record)
  • Andy C. $20,779 (Record)
  • Damon D. $20,255
  • Will N. $16,250
  • Brian T. $16,206
  • Sebastian A. $15,10
  • Trevor C. $10,614
  • Kent S. $10,437
  • Lisa J. $10,402
  • Paul D. $10,090
  • Darren S. $10,086
  • Marty H. $14,122
  • Josh C. $13,172
  • Kevin S. $12,485
  • Shawn R. $12,458
  • Remko $11,208
  • Rob J. $11,127
  • Liquid Life $215,023
  • RFG $104,038 (Record)
  • Dillard & As so $92,947 (Record)
  • A2Z Infinity $86,477 (Record)
  • 419 Financial $67,083 (Record)
  • PFI $22,361

Congratulations to a New Leader of the Month
and Newest MGA

Leader of the Month :

TeZ M. $26,221

Newest MGA :

Todd Turnwald became our newest MGA. Congratulations, Todd!
Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the ULA team

Kona Qualifiers:

Tez M, Mark J, Damon D, Lisa J,Joe R, Stefanie R, Kent S, Remko B, Shawn R, Will N, Sebastian A, Rob J, Chad L, Keith J, Todd T, Will E.

The last month to qualify for
the Kona incentive trip was August.

Congrats to all those who made it this time. We look forward to
seeing the attendees grow for next year’s incentive trip.

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