Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today October 2016

This month, the Kona qualifiers will be heading to the Big Island of Hawaii.

We’ll be sipping colorful cocktails, exploring ocean life, watching unforgettable sunsets, enjoying good food, and spending time with great friends. Personally, I can't wait to spend time with my team on this trip.

To all the ULA qualifiers, congratulations and keep working hard.

However, this letter is for all the ULA family that didn’t quite make it this time. I encourage you to let your drive kick in. Take the hunger you feel now and fuel something.

You have a goal in mind to make the coming year record-breaking and join us on our next incentive trip. Lucky for you, we have a proven system to help you achieve your goals—just ask any of your fellow agents heading to Kona later this month.

This system demands that you invest in your business. Arguably, this should be the easiest investment you make, because it is one that drives you towards the life you’ve always dreamed about.

So, what does investing in your business look like? Simple.

Get out earlier and stay out later just to get a yes. Persevere through the disappointments and count all the policies you do make. Jump on the conference calls and get as much training as possible. Call your MGA when you need extra motivation or guidance; they’ve been where you are now. Finally, you have to stay coachable.

Good luck and I’ll see you on the plane next year!

The September Leader Board

ULA September Numbers Are In

  • Gabe B. $22,178
  • Rosie O. $20,479
  • Todd T. $20,093
  • TeZ M. $18,919
  • Damon D. $18,721
  • Rob J. $17,374
  • Kent S. $17,139
  • Stefanie R. $10,672
  • Kevin S. $10,585
  • Craig I. $10,493
  • Omar M. $10,400
  • Julie S. $10,293
  • Josh C. $10,109
  • Brian T. $14,345
  • Sebastian A. $14,091
  • Casey C. $13,802
  • Shawn R. $12,713
  • Joe R. $11,841
  • Will E. $10,791
  • Liquid Life $163,080
  • Remedy Financial Group $70,632
  • A2Z Infinity $69,789
  • 419 Financial $60,251
  • Dillard & Associates $47,777
  • PFI $26,388

Congratulations to a New Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

Mark J. $24,024

Kona Qualifiers:

Tez M, Mark J, Damon D, Lisa J, Joe R, Kent S, Remko B, Shawn R, Will N, Sebastian A, Rob J, Chad L, Keith J, Todd T, Will E.

Fun and safe travels to all of the
qualifiers heading to Kona this month!

Congrats to all those who made it this time. We look forward to
seeing the attendees grow for next year’s incentive trip.

Ask us how to be on our next incentive trip.
We're here for you!

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Our next monthly agent meeting is:

October 12, 2016

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