Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today November 2016

These past months have been a whirlwind of success. As a team, we’ve taken these successes and become closer as a family. So, I wanted to take this month’s newsletter to thank each and every ULA member for his or her efforts.

Our family culture is what sets us apart from the rest. Two months ago, we became the 5th team in the 17-year history to crack the $500,000 mark. Last month, we went on an incentive trip for all our qualifying agents. These are not little accomplishments to brush over.

These are accomplishments that lead to our clients’ families being helped, residual income growth, and building a closer working family.

Know that your efforts are seen and appreciated.

If you haven’t achieved quite as much as you’d hoped, maybe it’s time that you lean on your ULA family for support. There is always another agent out there ready to help you succeed because they want you to be successful too. So, talk to your MGA, allow yourself to be encouraged, attend a meeting, and remember to stay coachable.

I encourage all of you to make the coming month bigger and better than any month before.

Thank you all for growing our ULA family and helping one another pursue our dreams. I look forward to seeing more records breaking. Until then, I’ll see you all at the top!

The October Leader Board

ULA October Numbers Are In

  • Gabe B. $20,644
  • Mark J. $19,517
  • Andy C. $16,087
  • Casey Cline $10,773
  • Rob J. $10,358
  • Kevin S. $10,356
  • Irv W. $10,271
  • Damon D. $14,296
  • Marty H. $13,557
  • Rosie O. $11,141
  • Kent S. $11,023
  • Liquid Life $151,111
  • A2Z Infinity $56,123
  • Remedy Financial Group $55,327
  • 419 Financial $43,629
  • Dillard & Associates $42,656
  • PFI $23,308

Congratulations to a New Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

TeZ M. $22,715

Banff Qualifiers:

Will you be there?

Need Help Getting There?

Start off right! Reach out to your manager, attend the agent meetings,
and get on the Monday Night Mastery Conference Calls to get the help you need.

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Our next monthly agent meeting is:

November 9, 2016

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