Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today March 2018

ULA Team,

As you all know, I have just returned rejuvenated and inspired by the company incentive trip to Alberta, Canada…what an incredible experience!!!! This is my seventh trip with the company, and each time leaves me feeling more overjoyed than the last that I am able to be a part of such a life-changing company.

The past six days, Lincoln Heritage treated us like royalty at Lake Louise. Here is a glimpse into how the company treated us during our trip.

  • Our flights were paid for.
  • We were personally greeted by the top executives from LH…not with mere handshakes and           "hellos", but with sincere hugs and a warmth that transcended even the cold temperatures we         faced. 
  • We were then given an envelope with Canadian currency to spend on the trip. 
  • Next, we were each given an exceptionally nice fleece jacket to wear. 
  • We were all given $50 Room Credits every day of the trip to cover breakfast (or any other room       charges) incurred during the stay. 
  • We had full access to skiing and tubing all afternoon FOR FREE! It was like being a kid again         for a few hours!! I'm beyond grateful to LH for providing me a chance to have that rare feeling         again.
  • We then had dog sledding, snowmobiling, horse rides and several other adventures set up for         us to do throughout the week.
  • To top it all off, we had a Gala on Saturday night, where everyone had an absolute blast. 
  • Sunday we had a farewell event where we all had a last chance to mingle with the best in the         country and say our goodbyes.
  • We had only ONE business meeting for a total of 1.5 hrs. out of the six days of our trip, where         we were individually acknowledged for our production. ULA finished the contest at $6,701,772         in production and was #12 in the entire country! Can you even believe it?!
  • Lastly, the next trip was announced for Santiago, Chile!
In a traditional large company, it is incredibly rare that the top executives of the company to interact with employees, LET ALONE go on vacation with them. But Lincoln Heritage doesn't play by these same rules. They bend over backwards to know the names of most everyone who was a part of this trip, and it was truly remarkable to witness. We are so fortunate to work for a company that treats its agents with the level of care and concern that LH provides.
It's funny, you almost begin to think this sort of treatment is simply real life, that this is how all companies treat their team. Then I have to quickly remember that, in fact, it is not normal. How blessed I feel to be a part of such a family of passionate, dedicated individuals, and their amazing family members and friends that support all of us in this career.

The biggest take away I can give you is this: Determine now to have the mindset that you WILL be there for the next trip, and decide now to do WHATEVER it takes to get there.

Trust me, you will NEVER forget these trips. So, don't plan, just decide. Make it a point to be there. There is no time like the present to plan ahead for the future.

Our next monthly meeting is next Wednesday, the 14th. I want to use this as an opportunity to create an atmosphere that people will love, and then tell everyone about it. This is what I refer to as residual recruits…we don't "sell" our business to anyone; we let the intentional care of our agents do the talking for us!!!!

After our meeting, we'll be having our quarterly Agent Appreciation Day and will celebrate following the meeting at Star Lanes in Polaris. You can find more info here:!

Lastly, where there's a will, there's a way. I urge you to make a personal commitment to yourself to never miss another company incentive trip.

The question all boils down to ONE THING: Not, WILL you do it, but WHEN will you do it?

There's no time like the future!


The February Leader Board:

ULA finishes February at

Damon D. $25,728
Will E. $21,660
Mark J. $21,138
Will N. $20,037

Kent S $19,006
Stuart M. $16,155
Mike B. $16,068

Tez M. $14,215
Andy C. $12,979
Matt H. $12,600
Michelle P. $12,185
Brandon B. $12,149
Julie S. $10,637
Remko B. $10,576
Rob J. $10,178
Todd T. $10,133

ULA $426,044
Liquid Life $189,330
TDT $74,998
RFG $68,100
A2Z $52,144
419 Financial $45,031
PFI $42,007
Dynasty $39,387
CONGRATS on this month, guys! Lets kick next month's
 butt too!

Leader of the Month:

Damon D.
 Congratulations to Damon D. for being the ULA Leader of the Month for February! We are really proud of you, Damon! Thanks for keeping up the consistent work level that you have. We know in this business that consistency is key for success!

Current Qualifiers

Chad L., Keith J., Damon D., Will E., Mark J., Will N.,
Kent S., Stuart M., Mike B., Tez M., Matt H., Brandon B.

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