Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today March 2017

Hello ULA Team and welcome to March 2017!

Last month, I had the honor of awarding 11 income rings to hard working agents who made over six-figures in 2016.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

These are ULA family members who, for some, have absolutely no sales backgrounds. It is completely possible for each and every one of you to get a six-figure ring.

As Keith likes to say, “There is only one secret to success and that is hard work.” Hard work and the discipline to stick with our proven system is the only thing that sets our ring earners a part from the rest.

So, make a goal to earn your six-figure ring. Jump on conference calls, reach out to the agents making the six-figure income, and pursue.

Good luck to all the ULA agents and I hope you have a great production month for March!

The February Leader Board

ULA February Numbers Are In

  • Gabe B $21,956
  • Mark J $21,689
  • Damon D. $20,393
  • Rob J $17,708
  • Joe R $16,714
  • Stefanie R $15,717
  • Kent S $11,290
  • Kevin S $10,516
  • Andy C $10,276
  • Todd T $14,516
  • Will N $13,670
  • Matt H. $13,384
  • Shawn R $13,134
  • Liquid Life $151,153
  • A2Z Infinity $77,883
  • Remedy Financial Group $62,967
  • 419 Financial $31,978
  • Dillard & Associates $30,647
  • Providence Family Insurance $24,241

Congratulations to the Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

Congrats to the leader of the month:
Tez M. $23,720

Alberta Qualifiers:

Rosie O., TeZ M., Kent S., Andy C., Gabe B., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Chad L., Keith J.,
Joe R., Rob J.,

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