Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today July 2017

June was quite literally a ground-breaking month for my family.

Construction finally started on my dream house, the basement has been dug, and every day my family gets more and more eager to move into our new home. It’s an exciting time to say the least.

During times like these, I find myself reflected on my career with ULA and the opportunity it has given me. Just eight years ago, this dream would’ve never been possible. Working with this team—or rather this family—of hardworking agents has changed my life.

ULA is a group of goal setters and dream realizers. This year alone, dedicated ULA agents have bought dream cars, moved into new homes, and earned well over six-figures.

There are not many places in the world where you’ll be surrounded with such hardworking and dedicated people.

Thanks for being a part of ULA.

The June Leader Board

ULA June Numbers Are In

  • Mark J. $29,761
  • Andy C. $23,965
  • Rob J. $22,295
  • Gabe B. $21,215
  • Will N. $16,673
  • Damon D. $15,300
  • Todd T. $15,139
  • Allen T. $10,877
  • Shawn R. $10,646
  • Sebastian A. $10,507
  • Marty H. $10,245
  • Julie S. $10,332
  • Kevin S. $10,1672
  • Matt H. $14,794
  • TeZ M. $14,733
  • Kirk A. $12,903
  • Michelle P. $12,493
  • Remko B. $12,360
  • Mike B. $12,308
  • Omar M. $11,132
  • Liquid Life $186,405
  • Remedy Financial Group $95,568
  • A2Z Infinity $92,556
  • Providence Family Insurance $51,667
  • The Dream Team $48,235
  • 419 Financial Group $45,637

Congratulations to the Returning Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

Mark J. $29,761

Alberta Qualifiers:

Chad L., Keith J., TeZ M., Kent S., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Andy C., Gabe B., Joe R., Rob J., Will N., Matt H., Mike B.

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