Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today December 2016

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is coming to a close and the holiday season is upon us.

With the spirit of giving back buzzing around, it makes me truly thankful for the position ULA has allowed me to be in. However, there was a time where I wasn’t as well off as I am now.

I remember a time before coming to Lincoln Heritage, where I didn’t have the money to keep the lights on or save my car from being repo’d—let alone buying Christmas presents.

Luckily, with hard work and perseverance, ULA's proven system has allowed me to make more money than I ever have in the past. Needless to say, spoiling my family with Christmas presents is no longer an issue. However, I haven’t forgotten my previous adversity.

I am blessed enough now to help others and give assistance to those who need a little help. Beyond monetary aid or gifts, this job has allowed me to help those during their greatest time of need. We are the light during our clients’ darkest days.

This career can be one of the most fulfilling experiences if you let it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The November Leader Board

ULA November Numbers Are In

  • Rosie O. $23,401
  • Mark J. $21,398
  • Gabe B. $21,167
  • Todd T. $20,409
  • Damon D. $17,424
  • Shawn R. $10,786
  • Casey C. $10,393
  • Omar M. $10,024
  • Kent S. $13,345
  • Joe R. $11,813
  • Andy C. $11,226
  • Tez M. $11,198
  • Liquid Life $129,107
  • A2Z $60,739
  • Remedy Financial Group $54,281
  • 419 Financial $39,493
  • Dillard & Associates $36,693
  • PFI $21,895

Congratulations to a New Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

Congrats to the new leader of the month
and first female leader :
Rosie O. $23,401

Banff Qualifiers:

Rosie O., TeZ M., Kent S., Andy C., Gabe B., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Chad L., Keith J.

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