Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today August 2017

Hey ULA Team,

As the summer flies by, let’s continue to race ahead full speed, staying focused and continuing to produce strong numbers.

I hope you will remember, while we should always keep our eyes on the goal ahead, sometimes the journey is just as important. Even if you experience a month where you don’t beat your numbers from last month, remember that persistence – over the long haul – produces growth and lasting results..

It’s that persistence, that drive, and that determination that allows us to get where we need to be.

Here are some thoughts from author Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) on how to develop persistence:

• Have a definite purpose, backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment

• Have a definite plan, expressed through continuous action

• Have a mind closed tightly against negative and discouraging influences

• Keep a friendly alliance with people who will encourage you to follow through with both your plan AND your purpose

Let’s write these where we can see them daily, and work hard to build one another up and cheer one another on!

The reward is worth the effort!

Here’s to another great month,

The July Leader Board

ULA July Numbers Are In

  • Mark J. $25,612
  • Remko B. $22,953
  • Ty W. $21,210
  • Gabe B. $17,461
  • Joe R. $17,313
  • Rob J. $16,577
  • Mike B. $15,946
  • Todd T. $15,064
  • Will N. $14,481
  • Omar M. $13,578
  • TeZ M. $12,577
  • Kent S. $12,366
  • Shawn R. $12,217
  • Damon D. $12,088
  • Matt H. $11,461
  • Michelle P. $11,166
  • Antwan S. $10,668
  • Liquid Life $187,497
  • Remedy Financial Group $102,202
  • A2Z Infinity $69,352
  • The Dream Team $57,553
  • 419 Financial Group $39,173
  • Providence Family Insurance $39,093

Congratulations to the Returning Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month:

Mark J. with $25,612

Alberta Qualifiers:

Chad L., Keith J., TeZ M., Kent S., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Andy C., Gabe B., Joe R., Rob J., Will N., Matt H., Mike B.

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