Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today April 2018

ULA Team,

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to find an extension of our family. An extension that goes beyond blood relation or friendship. 

For us, it can be found in our ULA wolf pack. 

We are a group of likeminded individuals—foragers—hungry for new horizons, eager to look after everyone from the weakest to strongest, and fiercely loyal.

It is through this mentality that we are able to accomplish so much... 

We set our sights on a goal, and it’s not even a question of “if” we are going to make it, but just how quickly we’ll all taste the victory.

It’s this mindset that brought so many of us on an amazing incentive trip to Alberta this past month, and soon enough, Chile. It’s this tenacious spirit that allows us to help so many people. And, it is this same hunger that keeps us actively seeking for more.

There is a reason why you joined the pack. You heard of the howling success and just knew that you, too, were called to become a part of the ULA family.

Sure, to realize your destiny there’s always some hardships. But you were brave enough to answer the call. So, tap into that spirit every time you meet a setback and know — you were born for this.

And for the days when it’s harder than others — the days that you’ve lost faith in your ability to make it, know that I haven’t lost faith in you. I am here for you. Your wolf pack is here for you. Together we’ll achieve more than any one wolf ever could alone. Good luck to each of you wolves and I’ll see you in Chile. You can count on that.


The March Leader Board

ULA Finishes March At:

Rob J. $23,351
Kirk A. $22,670
Mark J. $20,146

Todd T. $17,739
Johnny W. $16,050
Tez M. $15,649
Mike B. $15,190
Will N. $15,085

Will E. $12,750
Stuart M. $11,831
Remko B. $11,581
Johnny B. $10,504
Omar M. $10,415
Damon D. $10,156

ULA $396,828
Liquid Life $155,883
TDT $56,449
419 Financial $55,854
RFG $52,923
A2Z $47,455
PFI $46,666
Dynasty $25,872

CONGRATS on this month, guys! 
Lets kick next month's butt too!

Leader of the Month:

Rob Jones
 Congratulations to Rob for being the ULA Leader of the Month for March! We are really proud of you, Rob! You are a great example to all of us. Thanks for keeping up the consistent work level that you have. We know in this business that consistency is key for success! You rock!!

Current Qualifiers

Chad L., Keith J., Will N., Todd T., Mike B., Damon D., 
Stuart M., Mark J., Johnny W., Rob J., Tez M., Kent S., Kirk A., Will E.

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