Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today April 2017

Last month, I spent a week in St. Louis, Missouri supporting Kyle Snyder. Kyle is a phenomenal athlete. Being the youngest wrestler to ever win the Olympic gold medal there is no denying he has skill, but he is also an upstanding person.

As the OSU head wrestling coach, Tom Ryan, introduced Kyle, he listed the three components of sustainable success that spoke to various aspects of Kyle accomplishments.

Ryan stated that for your triumph to endure you’ll need talent. The next factor is an incredible work ethic that does not quit. Lastly, sustainable success is achieved through character.

As he listed these features out, I couldn’t help but think of our ULA family.

All of our agents bring their own talents to the team. Talents including: compassion, the ability to sell, the willingness to learn, and the capability to build a team.

This takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. It’s difficult to get out every day to make a sale or to train, however it is this tremendous work ethic that molds our top agents.

Finally, we are nothing without our character. It is our character and ethical choices that create lifelong clients who receive the best policy at the price they can afford.

I’m proud to be a part of this team that exhibits all the characteristics of success. Congratulations on a GREAT March and I look forward to a phenomenal spring. We've already started spring off with one of the biggest months yet!

The March Leader Board

ULA March Numbers Are In

  • Mark J. $29,968
  • Damon D. $22,823
  • Rob J. $21,835
  • Tez M. $21,750
  • Omar M. $15,668
  • Will N. $15,531
  • Shawn R. $15,105
  • Andy C. $15,035
  • Marty H. $12,087
  • Remko B. $11,907
  • Kevin H. $11,895
  • Kent S. $11,295
  • Stef R. $10,817
  • Todd T. $10,085
  • Johnny B. $14,274
  • Joe R. $13,975
  • Matt H. $13,000
  • Paul D. $12,861
  • Kevin S. $12,499
  • Casey C. $12,402
  • Rosie O. $12,191
  • Liquid Life $193,846
  • A2Z Infinity $119,759
  • Remedy Financial Group $84,500
  • Providence Family Insurance $43,907
  • Dillard & Associates $38,380
  • 419 Financial $33,266

Congratulations to the Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

Congrats to the new leader of the month:
Gabe B. $35,558

Alberta Qualifiers:

Rosie O., TeZ M., Kent S., Andy C., Gabe B., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Chad L., Keith J.,
Joe R., Rob J., Johnny B.

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