Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today

June was a huge month. It was filled with some record-breaking numbers, receiving our Lincoln Heritage award, awesome conference calls and of course our game changing event with both Doug Turner and Ben Craft.

As we enter a new month I want to quote one of Doug’s signature motivational quotes, “Get out the door.” The first step to success is just to get out there. Get out there not only to make a sale but also to surpass your goals.

With Kona just around the corner, now is the perfect time to push your sales efforts. Keep in mind if you haven’t already qualified, you still have time to make the new lowered requirements. You just have to stay motivated and persistent.

Our team is at an 81% persistency level. If we all bumped up our persistency to 85% we could save almost $200,000. I know we can make that goal.  To save that money, persistency has to be an everyday thing. Our family is going for consistent good business. Let’s try to increase our persistency in July.

Finally, I want to wish everyone in our ULA family a happy and safe Fourth of July. Spend time with the family to catch up and enjoy the day.

Thanks for another great month!

If you know someone looking for a career change, reach out today!