Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today January 2017

Most of us have made goals concerning our ULA performance this last year. For starters, as a team we had the goal to surpass $5,000,000 in production. This year, as you all know, we surpassed this goal! It is a HUGE accomplishment. One that makes me proud to be on the ULA team with all of you.

Likewise, some of you all have surpassed your personal goals. Others however, may have fallen short. For the remaining few, perhaps you only recently joined our team.

Whatever stage you happen to find yourself in, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year. Look at what worked well and what was more of a flop. Hindsight might be 20/20 but by studying the past, we can learn and adjust our path to make a bright and successful future.

As you reflect on 2016, make ULA part of your 2017 New Years resolution. January is the perfect time to start anew.

As you consider the amount of effort you want to put forward, think about this: Are you driving the car you wish? Do you live in your dream house? Can you travel the world? Are you able to spoil your family?

If you can’t answer with a resounding “Yes!” due to a lack of money, maybe it’s time that you jump head first into the coming year. If you need a little push, talk to your MGA or come for Core Training.

I want each and every one of you to make it to Alberta for our corporate trip and more importantly—make 2017 your most successful year yet!

The December Leader Board

ULA December Numbers Are In

  • Tez $23,435
  • Gabe $21,049
  • Marky $21,034
  • Johnny $18,684
  • Kent $15,388
  • Mindy $11,038
  • Rob J. $10,392
  • Will E. $10,082
  • Damon $14,175
  • Kevin S. $12,184
  • Paul $11,829
  • Todd $11,253
  • Liquid Life $131,316
  • A2Z Infinity $64,947
  • Remedy Financial Group $43,398
  • 419 Financial $34,345
  • Dillard & Associates $26,812
  • PFI $23,844

Top 10 Agents of 2016:

Marky $292,270
TeZ $256,218
Damon $195,537
Todd $185,042
Rob $174,487
Kent $160,759
Sebastian $159,483
Shawn R. $149,692
Joe $144,027
Will N. $139,369

MGA's for 2016

ULA $5,143,269
Liquid Life $2,161,159
RFG $822,672
A2Z Infinty $682,783
D&A $587,037
419 Financial $504,888
PFI $408,391

Congratulations to the Leader of the Month

Leader of the Month :

Congrats to a returning leader of the month:
TeZ M. $23,435

Alberta Qualifiers:

Rosie O., TeZ M., Kent S., Andy C., Gabe B., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Chad L., Keith J.

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