Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today

August is here and the Kona trip is that much closer. Even with this amazing trip’s qualifications ending this month, it can still be hard to stay motivated. That’s understandable. We’ve all experienced ‘the slump’ before.

If Kona seems too far ahead, I urge you to think back.

Remember why you joined our team rather than any other business. What did you see that made joining the ULA team even more irresistible?

So, think back to your first day. What would you brag about to your past self? Maybe you’d tell stories of the clients you helped, the residual income you’ve acquired, or the legacy you’ve created for your family—but I know everyone would have a few stories to tell.

Remind yourself of those accomplishments. Take time to appreciate how far you’ve come and the goals you still want to meet. Let’s keep growing together.

Our next team mile marker is hitting $500,000 in production. When we hit it, and I think that could be in August, we will celebrate with our August Incentive.

***Here is your August Incentive***

The MGA's are coming together to offer a HUGE contest for August.

Here it is.

ULA must hit $500k

When we do, EVERY agent who does a MINIMUM of $6k production, will get a ticket for every application on the books in August. We will do a drawing at next months meeting for $2,000 CASH!

Remember, you gotta be over $6k and ULA has to do $500k.


Now is the time to find the motivation to work hard and finish strong. Later, we’ll celebrate your accomplishments in Kona. Make sure you’re on the plane with your ULA family.

If you know someone looking for a career change, reach out today!