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In two days on Saturday, March 14, 2015, I will be interviewed LIVE on Radio on the Military Report for one hour by Rick Tillman. The interview will take place from 11 am -12 noon PDT, 2-3 pm EDT and can be listened to on KLAY 1180 am (Tacoma, Washington) or online at . Some of the topics we will cover are:

*What are some of the issues military veterans face in pursuing funding?
*Identifying some of the resources available to military veterans and others seeking funding.
*Using teamwork and creativity to tap sources of financing.
Finding employees can be difficult. Retaining good employees can be just as difficult, unless you cultivate an environment that your employees enjoy and flourish in. Understanding why good workers quit and what steps you can take to do the opposite, will aid significantly with your employee retention. Watch the video for insights and tips. Why Do Good Workers Quit:

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In this video, I discuss how some business owners and managers confuse delegation with empowerment. I believe this goes a step further. Some owners and managers abdicate; they do not delegate. When you hand off without providing employees with the directions and tools needed to do an excellent job, you are abdicating. Do you want insights and tips on how to empower instead of abdicate?
Then watch this video.

Watch the Video: Employee Empowerment or Abdication
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