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In this 4.5 minute video, I discuss sales team incentive structures. I am not referring to methodologies to motivate sales teams here. Instead, I discuss how the structure of your sales teams’ incentives could drive more profitability for your company…or help hasten its demise! In other words, how this can make or break your business! Too many companies focus solely on driving revenue, the top line number. But what about gross profit? So what if you sell $30 million worth of goods or services if you lose money the moment the deal is signed?
Watch the Video: Sales Team Incentive Structure 
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In this 4 min. video, I discuss the importance of shareholders agreements. Many business owners view them as a corporate formality (which, hopefully if this is you, means you use them!), while others view them as a big pain. With the latter perspective, business owners never get around to creating one. A shareholders agreement can be complex…but it does not have to be.

In this video I provide a few scenarios by which a shareholders agreement can strengthen the corporate infrastructure (boring, I know!).
Watch the Video: The Importance of Shareholders Agreements
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