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Induction and Beyond
Teaching Residents @ Teachers College
April  2019 | Spring Edition Newsletter
April finds us preparing for NYS standardized testing, end of year celebrations, and the hustle and bustle of Spring cleaning both at home and in the classroom.

We hope that as you enter this final quarter of the school year, you are taking time to recognize your accomplishments and feel proud of the work you and your students have done this year.

In the following you’ll find some resources to support you in getting over the testing slump and end the year motivated and inspired.

With gratitude for all you do,

The TR@TC Team

Is your school looking for amazing teachers?

Please email me at and I’ll share your posting here.
Co-Working and Professional Development
  • April 25th - Planning a StayCation this Spring? Looking for a place to plan and connect with others? Come to Teachers College! We'll be reserving a room from 10:00am - 4:00pm. See you in Grace Dodge 273B!
  • June - Don’t wait to sign up for this Educational Conference: EdExEd - NYC 
We would love to hear about the types of workshops you'd like us to host THIS SUMMER Click here to share your feedback!

Sharing Credits: Steven Saidenberg
Raising Consciousness
Mental health determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Its importance is not bound by age, gender, sexual orientation, creed, or color. It is universal.  That is why we are overjoyed to see how mindfulness is becoming more prominent in education. This month, we would like to invite you to learn more about a transformative practice that combines community building, intention, reflection, and wellness practices in the support of pedagogues.  Breath For Change offers a 200-hour teacher wellness training program that encompasses all the practices that help to sustain teachers in the crucial work they carry out day-by-day. If you are an alumni of the TR@TC program, please contact me at to learn how we can support you in joining one of their sessions.
Mindfulness Resources and Events of Interest
  • June 21st - 22nd: Teacher Self Care Conference in Atlanta, GA
  • Monday Mandala: This is a FREE mandala color page resource. Choose and print numerous patterns for your students to color before and after their state tests, or when they need a mental break. Are you an alumni and need markers? Email me at!
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls: Want to learn more about their healing power? Read this book: How to Heal with Singing Bowls, by Suren Shrestha - OR click here for helpful tips.
Sharing Credits: Antiganee Cain  and Laura Marie Thompson
Affinity Spaces: The Black Teacher Project Invites you to come together with other Black educators for an afternoon of healing the mind and body. You’ll learn to synchronize your breathing with your moments and leave feeling refreshed and empowered to practice this flow on your own. Remember to bring your yoga mat! Room: Grace Dodge 449

Curriculum Planning Resources
This month, our Featured Resources come directly from The Morningside Center!

Celebrate Earth Day with this Morningside Center Curriculum Planning Resource: Click here

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is an Optimist Now - The author of Between the World and Me and “The Case for Reparations” discusses the latest developments in the Democratic Party’s 2020 primary race, the case for — and against — reparations, and the role of pop culture in fostering progressive change. By Eric Levitz at New York Magazine.

YC Teen - Visit this website for ELA lessons based on real-life stories by teens, and much more! Check it out! "It's all Relative"

Testing Slump? - Check out these interactive strategies to help support your students this month. Click here.

Sharing Credits: Laura Marie Thompson

The New Teacher's Corner
Here are a few Things to do this Winter:
1. Meet with your Chapter Leader and ask about the DOE Portal and Pension Account.
2. Register for a Tenure PD with the DOE
3. Set up your Teacher Retirement account and be sure to contribute to your TDA account!
5. Visit and create your profile, check out employee discounts, and learn about professional development offerings.

Stay Connected to TC and access resources!  
  • TC Gmail for LIFE - Activate your TC Gmail account! Set up your UNI (and password) at Then go to and click on myTC in the top right-hand corner to log in.
  • Network with Alumni -
  • Update your info and share your notes:
  • Connect with Alumni Abroad:
  • TC Career Services (TCCS):
  • Alumni FAQs:
Don't forget to stop by Whittier Campus to get your Alumni ID! It grants you access to reserve rooms in the library, partner discounts, and many other areas of the school, following graduation.
Sharing Credit: Tara Laohakul 
Tenure and Beyond
Are you up for Tenure? Professional Certification? Don't Know?
Gaining tenure is an important milestone. Having tenure means you can’t be terminated without due process and you’re entitled to a hearing if the Department of Education takes disciplinary action.
Teachers begin working on probation and are generally eligible for tenure at the end of their fourth year. Tenure isn’t automatically granted at the end of your probationary period. To be granted tenure, you must:
  • Be on track to complete all your state certification and city licensing requirements;
  • file an application and receive professional certification;
  • have a record of acceptable service during your probationary period; and
  • be recommended for tenure by your principal.
Your tenure becomes permanent only after you complete all your certification requirements. Visit and sign up for a Tenure PD. Stay on track!

Stay informed about Teacher Ed News in the U.S. and Abroad:
Are you ready to apply for your Professional Certification?
You have five years from the date of your initial teaching certificate to fulfill the requirements for your professional certificate. You should make sure you’re keeping track of your completed requirements by logging into your online TEACH account at the State Education Department website. Do not wait until your fifth year to apply for your professional certificate!

To get your professional certificate, you’ll need to show that you’ve completed the following requirements:
  • A master’s degree;
  • 12 graduate credits in the certificate area’s content core or a related field (if your master’s degree is pedagogical, this 12-credit requirement is already met by the program);
  • Three years of full-time teaching experience;
  • One year of mentored experience; and
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
Email me at, if you are ready to apply. We can support you with the Institutional Recommendation.
Considering Pursuing National Board Certification?
After completing your 3rd year of teaching, you may want to apply for this advanced ,and prestigious, certification.  Devon Shaw, a TR@TC Alumnus, will be leading a National Board Certification workshop, in the Spring. Email him at if you'd like to be a part of it! The next meeting is taking place on Saturday, May 18th, 2019.
The Lit Corner: Teacher Sustainability 
How can you energize yourself to maintain or regain a positive outlook and love of teaching? What specific, immediate actions can you take to enhance your well-being and thrive both on and off the job?

Award-winning teacher Chase Mielke draws from his own research, lesson plans, and experiences with burnout to help you change your outlook, strengthen your determination to be a terrific teacher, and reignite your core passion for teaching.

Often lighthearted, yet thoroughly grounded in research on social-emotional learning and positive psychology, The Burnout Cure explains how shifts in awareness, attitudes, and actions can be transformational for you and for your students. The book describes specific steps related to mindfulness, empathy, gratitude, and altruism that you can use on your own and with students via classroom lessons and activities. Equipped with these tools, teachers can be their best, so they can give their best to the learners in their care.
PHENOMENAL Teacher, That's Me!
TEACHERS ROCK! Tenacity is truly your middle name, and we are inspired by your commitment to this noble profession. In every newsletter, we'll be sharing pictures and kudos that speak to the PHENOMENAL work you're doing in your schools - Compliments of your Induction Mentors and Colleagues. Want to give a shout out to your TR@TC colleagues? Click here 
Kudos to...

We are thrilled to learn how well our recent graduates and soon-to-be veteran teachers are going above and beyond to enhance the learning experiences of their students. Please keep the shout outs coming!!

Kudos Credit: Jim O'Toole, Ava Javid, Vanessa Paula
Rachel Lalmansingh is an alumna from Cohort B who started the year by making the transition from Highschool Chemistry into 6th Grade Earth Science! Rachel has been working diligently to not only develop rich and rigorous learning experiences for her students, but also to restructure routines and expectations for her 6th grade Scientists (We all know Teens and Pre-Teens need a different set of structures). Rachel, your mentors are so inspired by your progress this year, and look forward to learning all about the amazing Science workshop you'll be attending this summer!
Crystal McIntyre and TYWLS Bronx Students featured on Teen Vogue!
We were so excited to see this photo of Ms.McIntyre (Cohort 3) smiling ear to ear, next to her co-teacher Ms.Santiago, and their ELA students. This picture was taken while they were attending a school partnership event hosted by The Lit Bar. Please click here to find out what these young ladies are reading right now! 
Self Care and Sustainability
Mindfulness Tools

Mindful Schools offers great videos and other multimedia tools to support this practice in your classroom. Click here.

Mandala and Meditation: If your students have trouble meditating or participating in breathing exercises, offer them the option of silently coloring a mandala instead. This is also a very good tool to help students stay calm on testing days. Click here.

Brain Breaks: Your students are being bombarded with information from various channels, on a regular basis. One way to help them retain the information they learn, is to create space for brain breaks, in your lessons. Click here for resources and strategies to support this crucial learning booster.

Oprah and Deepak: are at it again! Click here to access their new FREE 21-Day Meditation experience.

Looking for more ways to rejuvenate yourself this winter? Click here.

Sharing Credit: Vanessa Paula
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