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Summer 2016 • Issue #41
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The longest day of the year lasts only today, the Summer Solstice, then it fades toward the darkest day of the year called the Winter Solstice. Then the Solstice cycle continues as we again witness the longest day and the longest night. If nature can reveal some of life’s secrets, what could be the significance of this ongoing cycle from the perspective that everything reflects from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic level? If we look to see what else is ongoing like the cycle of Solstices, we can see creation consists of ongoing cycles such as inhale to enter the physical body, exhale to exit the physical body; day, night; waking, sleeping; active, inactive…

Cycles persist throughout our lives and eternity. We look to the stars and see their choreographed cycle dance in the vast space. From the far away planets to the ants on planet Earth—all are dancing to cycles. Some cycles are more important than others, though all cycles work together to support dharma, the master plan.

Taking this into consideration, no wonder people throughout the world celebrate this grand cycle of the Summer Solstice. For some it is simply the longest day of the year with the feeling of summer in the air. Others, who enrich themselves into the symbology of this auspicious day, may feel the positive energies are at their height as the longest day of light represents the luminous light of consciousness. Thus this day suggests our consciousness can reflect the Divine Light inside us, making the Summer Solstice a highly spiritually charged event.

Now this makes me think of cycles again. People often ask, "Why can’t one maintain a higher level of consciousness?" To do this one needs to transcend the cycles; otherwise, what happens as we move toward the darkest day of Winter Solstice in December? If we reflect the Light of the Summer Solstice, then does it mean we will reflect the movement toward darkness or in some cases the winter blues? As a yogi, we witness the changes unaffected. This is the meaning of transcending the effects of the cycles.

Creation is eternal. It is a cycle from the first utterance of sound vibration—the breath of spirit creating the waves of movement as if the Divine had exhaled. And on the inhale, the involution power emerges returning the soul to full awareness like the waves return to the vast ocean. Until residing in the quiescent vast stillness of Brahman, the soul will witness the cycle of creation. So if creation is governed by cycles, what is it reflecting? The soul comes from Brahman and returns to Brahman—the cycle of evolution and involution. From this, all cycles take place. As Brahman is eternal, creation is eternal. Cycles will continue. May we celebrate the most auspicious ones.

 Happy Summer Solstice.

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TriYoga Around the World. 
Junior-level teacher trainer Lalita traveled from ZhuHai, China to Macau for the first Basics Teacher Training there! Gina came for the certification and happily recommended new Basics teachers in this new region!
TriYoga Boston presented TY at SYTAR 2016 — the annual conference of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
TY Teacher Anat Gold organized and will host an International Yoga Day event in Rosh Hanikra, Israel.

TYC Brovary team traveled to Vinnitsa, Ukraine for a weekend celebration. 

Santoshi presented TrIYoga at the Lao College of Zhongnanshan, China.
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