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December–January 2016  Issue #39
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This Journey to India retreat completed my 26th visit to India.

In 2015 I took 86 flights covering 146,240 miles to 9 countries. Since 2004 when I first traveled to Europe to teach, I have traveled the equivalent of 54 times around Earth (1,358,940 miles) visiting 31 countries for a total of 746 flights.

On January 5th we returned to US from the five-city pilgrimage tour in India to celebrate TriYoga 36 in Southern California. We left Delhi, India around 9:30 pm, then four hours later we were in Singapore. Rishi went to Taiwan and Santoshi to South Korea. A few hours later Ganga, Dr. G, Hari, and I had a flight change in Japan and then took off for Los Angeles. Upon arrival in Mission Viejo, Chef Kelli provided a wonderful vegan meal and cake. Nandi, Jasmin and Polo were here upon arrival!

With this new 12-year cycle, the plans are to have more time to write, tape, and record TriYoga. Perhaps we can reach even more people this way! Satsanga is an integral part of sadhana. It is a source of spiritual connection, inspiration, and knowledge. The modern day offers various ways to remain connected. May we join together in person and via online classes.

One can also stay connected through the beautifully designed website and KRIYA, the online TriYoga community. This TY World Newsletter marks our 39th issue.

Looking forward to the next 12 years ~ the Durga Era begins!

Journey to India with Yogini Kaliji took place December 23 to January 4 with a tour group of 43 participants. This year's tour included TriYoga programs at the world-class Windflower Ayurvedic Spa and Resort; Datta Jayanti celebrations; sightseeing to holy cities, temples, and spiritual sites in Northern India; and two of the most visited attractions in India, the Mysore Palace and the Taj Mahal.
Kaliji arrived in Pune, India a few days before the tour to meet with long-time TriYoga friend Dr Jayanti Patel. A Natya Yogi, Dr. Patel is 92-years young and just published his latest book Chaplin, Gandhi and Me2. In addition, his manuscript Theater as Yoga based on his Ph.D. dissertation, edited by Serena Grace and prepared for publication by TriYoga, will be available as an e-book.

The Journey to India began with students from 7 countries joining Kaliji in Mysore, India. Datta Jayanti celebrations took place at Datta Peetham ashrama with Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Participants visited the ashrama daily for pujas, bhajans, and Indian music concerts. 
The time in Mysore also included twice-daily TriYoga classes with Kaliji, assisted by teachers Santoshi, Rishi and Ganga. 

While in Mysore, Kaliji was joined by tabla maestro Prasann Salkar from Goa, India. Prasann accompanied TriYoga classes with his meditative and energizing rhythms, and played with Kaliji during evening chanting. Prior to chanting he engaged the enthusiastic students with his teaching of bell patterns.

At the Third International Conference on Sri Vidya in Mysore, Yogini Kaliji was a panelist during the Pontiff Session and gave a demonstration on mudra. She was honored with the Sri Mudra Nidhi award in recognition of her mudra knowledge -- this is the first time such an award has been bestowed.
The tour continued in North India with visits to the holy cities of Varanasi, Allahabad, Mathura and Brindavan, as well as a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

In the ancient city of Varanasi, the group experienced the peacefulness of the Ganga River with boat rides at sunset and in early morning. At sunrise on the last day in Varanasi, the early risers visited the world famous Kashi Vishvanatha Temple, dedicated to Shiva.
The tour continued to Triveni Sangam in Allahabad the confluence of three rivers–the Ganga, the Yamuna and the underground Saraswati.

The last day of the tour, temples were visited in the city of Brindavan.

Kaliji arranged for Bina harmoniums to be delivered to the airport for students to purchase on the day of departure. The students were delighted and excited to begin their journey into Nada (sound) Yoga.

TY 36 celebrations were enjoyed in many locations worldwide. Read here to see how TriYoga flow-ers celebrated, and share your story at
Mung Dal Salad
An ayurvedic live-food recipe developed by Mitra Deva in Berlin
2-3 grated medium carrots
1/2 cup of mung dal, soaked for 1 hour
1/4-1/2 cup grated fresh coconut
1/2 bunch chopped cilantro
For the dressing: blend 1 T tahini, 3 T lime juice, 1 T ground mustard seed, 1 tsp each salt and hing powder, 1 chopped green chili and water to desired consistency.

An entertaining movie on Dr Patel's life and work ~ the subjective experience of Yoga as Theater.

"Natya Yoga is the yoga of theater. To see life as a divine play or leela is considered Natya Yoga." 

On December 29, the Vedic (lunar) anniversary of TriYoga, Kaliji released the new TriYoga 36 shirts.
Designed by Berlin-based TriYoga teacher Monica Wapnewski, the shirts will be available at the TY 36 Celebration in Santa Cruz January 22-24 and online in the TriYoga store.

Our condolences to TriYoga teacher Shilpa and her family on the loss of her son Rajan Shah, Saturday, January 2 in an automobile accident. Rajan was presently in college. The family lives in Baroda, India.

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