Subject: We're excited about New Year and we have news to share!

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We are excited about 2020 because have some amazing things that will be taking place this upcoming year! At this time we want to kick off our celebration of of the New Year a little early with the announcement and introduction of Mr. Darrin Goodwin, Associate Professional Counselor!

Read more about him below and stay tuned for more big announcements in 2020! 
We had a chance to sit down with Darrin Goodwin and got to know him a little better. Check out a recap of our interview below and Click on the video at the bottom to watch a different one-on-one interview and introduction with Darrin and Latasha Matthews.

How did you get into this field of work?

I took a long and circuitous route to get here. I entered college after high school unsure of what career field I was interested in. By sophomore year I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in Computer Science but I soon lost interest in that field. As a teenager I had been interested in how the human mind works and why people think and behave in certain ways. That curiosity never went away, so I changed my college major from Computer Science to Psychology. 

After 20 years in the workforce (and starting a family) I realized that I had spent all my time working for other people but not feeling as if I was fulfilled or living in my purpose. I began a quest to determine what my gifts and talents were and discovered I am talented at teaching and helping others.

Why did you ultimately decide to become a therapist?

The process of self-discovery led me to realize that I needed to get my graduate degree in counseling so that I could combine my gifts and talents with my interests. Finally, I am able to fulfill my purpose of helping others with their mental and emotional issues, as well as teach them the skills to live more healthy and productive lives.

It sounds as if your teen years began to shape you for where you are today. What advice would you give to teens that may be struggling with the pressures of life?

Sometimes things happen in life that are hard for us to deal with. These things cause us to have uncomfortable feelings – fear, anger, sadness, etc. That’s just how life works, and sometimes people (even adults) need help in order to deal with these feelings and to heal emotionally. The truth of the matter is, we all deal with emotional stress on some level at points in our lives, so you aren’t alone in how you feel. 


You stated that you started a family. What message would you give to parents?

Honestly, I would say the same thing that I would say to the teenagers. Parenting is not an easy task and it’s easy to forget that you aren’t alone in feeling some of the things that you feel. However, more importantly, I would add that it is imperative for parents to be mentally and emotionally healthy because of the impact their mental health has on their children.

Speaking of Family. It’s the holiday season and I’m sure you have some great holiday memories. Which memory is your favorite?

My favorite holiday memory is going to my first cousin's house every Thanksgiving. My siblings and many of my relatives would come from out-of-town and we would all get together for dinner in Detroit, MI. Most of the adults would help in preparing the meal and the children would play together outside, or inside if it were too cold. Dessert always consisted of homemade ice cream, peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, pound cake, and apple pie. After dinner, everyone would get together to talk, play games or watch movies or NFL football.

How about your favorite pastimes, what do you enjoy doing for leisure?

I enjoy traveling, watching sports, watching movies, playing golf, bike riding, learning new things, and discovering new places locally.

As we wrap up, we’d like to know…
If you could be an animal, which animal would choose, and why?

I would probably be an eagle because they are powerful and can soar to great heights. Either that, or a puppy because who doesn't like a cute puppy? That way I could play all day and have other people take care of me :-)

We enjoyed getting to know Darrin a little more. Darrin is currently accepting new clients for individual therapy and couples counseling. To schedule an appointment with Darrin, click here

If you would like to learn more about Darrin, check out the video introduction with Latasha Matthews and Darrin below.
4850 Sugarloaf Pkwy. Suite 209, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, United States
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