Subject: Read another page, she asked; Christmas shoe boxes (part 2); Year-end giving

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Todd & Pam Price | Budapest, Hungary | Roma Bible translation
"Read me another page"
Her face lit up as I read from the Christmas story in Lovari, her Roma dialect. She kept smiling and asking me to read more. This mother of seven joyfully told Pam that she was expecting number eight. She and her family live just a couple miles from us, in a ramshackle home, and they often come by our gate to beg for food. It was a joy to go to their house and bring them a whole bunch of food and Christmas presents. "Baxtalo Krechuno" rang out as we exchanged greetings meaning Merry Christmas", not 
in the national language of Hungarian, but in Lovari, their Roma heart language. They are fortunate as they speak one of the few Roma dialects that already have the Bible in their language. Yet there are dozens more Roma dialects which still don't have the Bible. Our passion is to help translate the Bible into every remaining Roma (Gypsy) dialect, especially those spoken in eastern Europe.
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Christmas shoe boxes (part 2)
Friends from our church gave out 660 shoe boxes to needy Roma in NE Hungary as well as almost 2 tons of food. It was a joy to take part in this, as our kids helped shop, pack and wrap the shoe boxes. I was able to go to the food distribution which blessed 80 families. I traveled 7 hours round-trip the Monday before Christmas and we were warmly received by waiting families and by a local orphanage.
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Year-end Giving
Thank you all so much for praying for us and supporting this ministry financially throughout 2014! We are so grateful for your kindness. Some people enjoy giving a year-end financial gift. We are praying for donors to give $225 more in monthly pledges, and also to donate $50,000 in one-time gifts to help translate portions of the Bible in four dialects spoken by Roma (Gypsies) here in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.
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