Subject: What is Bhoom Beej?

Bhoom Beej is the phrase that defines itself as Immunity Principle for the Immune System

Bhoom means soil and beej means seed. Bhoom is healthy soil that is thriving.
Any seed with as little as what it takes will grow in enriched amended soil.
So is the tissue of the Human Body. How healthy is your soil? What could your tissue fight off?
Beej (seed) like virus, bacteria, fungi, candida, yeast, infections,and all manner of irritant to the human tissue every day. These toxic seeds are also converted to healthy waste products and anything broken down from them are used as raw material for new immune resistance power.
Immunity Spice Mix will Give your food the immunity Superfood Effect. And it taste great mixed with ghee or the oil of your choice and added to your cooked or raw food.
Immunity Spice Mix

6 parts turmeric
3 parts ground cumin
3 parts ground coriander
6 parts ground fennel
1 part powdered, dry ginger
1 part ground black pepper
¼ part ground cinnamon


Mix the spices together well.

Heat one teaspoon of the spice mixture in one tablespoon
of Ghee, using medium heat, until the mixture releases an aroma. 

Remove from the heat immediately so it won’t burn.

Add this spiced Ghee to cooked rice, vegetables, or other foods.

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