Subject: Ticks , Mosquitos , Pollens, Heat Rash ?

Get Desensitized and Detoxed
Come in and get 10% off for NAET, and herbs personalized just for you.

NAET is a simple and powerful way of desensitizing the body to specific allergens. It utilizes muscle testing and a specific form of needlelessacupuncture to achieve desensitization.

We have successfully treated thousands of patients for allergies to a variety of substances - from pollens and grasses to chemicals, molds and foods.

It is a truly amazing. Ever since Dr. Devi taught us the technique, I have used it in some form on just about every patient. NAET is an integral part of my practice and integrates well with Ayurveda and Chiropractic to treat the "whole person."

If you are suffering from allergies or if you have friends and relative with allergies I encourage you to call the office and get some relief NOW!

Wishing you the best of continually improving health, Look forward to seeing you soon !

Dr. Helen Thomas
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