Subject: Stiffness, Pain and Arthritis



If you've ever experienced stiffness around your joints and some pains that refuse to go away, then you'll want to read this email to the end.

Arthritis is the name given to the stiffness and pain around joints that many people experience as they get old, following a particular lifestyle or suffering from other health conditions.

Most people with mild stiffness around their joints can still move around easily and they normally feel the mobility restriction when they have been sitting in a place for long.

However, those with severe stiffness can find it very difficult and sometimes unable to move around.

So, how do you get relief from all these?

  1. Make sure that you exercise regularly to boost the joint mobility which can help reduce stiffness.

  2. Following a well-balanced diet, eating lots of vegetables and fruits as well as eliminating sugar, wheat and dairy foods from your diet can help get relief.

  3. Drinking lots of water in a day could also help reduce the amount of pain around the joints.

The above tips are some natural remedies you can follow to reduce stiffness and pains around the joint. There are also some medications such as acetaminophen that can also help to reduce the joint pain. There are equally many anti-inflammatory drugs out there that can be recommended by doctors.

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