Subject: Solstice Marks the Start of the Pitta Season

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Dr. Helen Thomas
It's the hot season, otherwise known as pitta season. Eat sweet, bitter & astringent foods. Stay away from red meat during pitta. Do coconut oil massage when really hot. If you are an extreme pitta that means you are always HOT! Learn more about pitta and the other body types in my class.

I am getting ready for the SRJC Ayurveda class. I am very excited because I have been working on the slide show for 3 weeks! Don't miss this Ayurveda class. It's a powerful opportunity to sharpen your tool chest of self-care according to your body-type.

Please join me for my summer course in Ayurveda at Santa Rosa Junior College. The class is on Mondays evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 beginning June 22 for 6 weeks.

Its always a fun and lively class and the content is different every time, depending on the students.

Its easy to sign up. Just click here or call the Community Education Department at 

Dr. Helen will cover basic concepts in Ayurveda, including:
  • The three body types of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and how to identify them according to Ayurvedic principles Healthy lifestyles for each body type
  • Daily regimens for each body type, including seasonal routines, dietary practices and exercise practices 
  • Five sense therapies for the various unique body types
  • The three types of digestive imbalances according to Ayurveda
  • Remedies for those imbalances
  • The Ayurvedic models of disease and wellness 
  • Ayurvedic cleansing practices.
To sign up, click here now or call the Community Education Department at 707- 527-4372
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