Dear Friend,

Yes, Spring, that most delicious of seasons, is here at last.

With Spring comes the allergy season - runny noses, dry and burning eyes.

Here in lovely Sonoma County we are experiencing one of the worst allergy
seasons ever. Many of my patients are coming in with all the classic
symptoms of airborne allergies. Even my husband is complaining of itchy
eyes and sinus congestion.

Actually, Dr. Craig is a great example of our success in treating allergies
here in my clinic.Up until about twenty years ago, Craig suffered from
severe allergies every spring - swollen and weapy eyes, headaches, clogged
ears, sneezing. In fact, his eyes would swell up so much our kids used to
call him "Mr. Magoo."

Fortunately, about that time I discovered Dr. Devi Nambruipad and her
allergy elimination technique - Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Tecnique

NAET is a simple and powerful way of desenstizing the body to specific
allegens. It utilizes muscle testing and a specific form of needleless
acupuncture to achieve desentization.

We have successfully treated thousands of patients for allergies to a
variety of substances - from pollens and grasses to chemicals, molds and

Again, my husband is a great example. Since we treated him for all the
grasses, pollens and trees back in 1994, he has been almost symptom free.

It is truly amazing. Ever since Dr. Devi taght us the technique, I have
used it in some form on just about every patient. NAET is an integral part
of my practice and integrates well with Ayurveda and Chiropractic to treat
the "whole person."

If you are suffering from allergies or if you have friends and relative
with allergies I encourage you to call the office and get some relief NOW!

Wishing you the best of continually improving health,

(707) 527-7313