Subject: Remember the Life Vessel?


You are receiving this special email because you have completed at least one series of Life Vessel sessions in the last three years.

Craig and I were looking over the list of past life vessel participants reminiscing about the extraordinary people who have come through in the past three years.

We remember your faces and stories fondly. We are thinking about how great it would be to be able to share the Life Vessel story with others like you.

This is where you can help us.

Would you be willing to take a moment and share your Life Vessel experience with us?

Drop us a few lines in an email to or reply to this email.

Tell us about your experience in the Life Vessel,
what it did for you and what value you received.
(We promise not to use it as an endorsement without contacting you first!)

We would love to hear from you!!

As a thank you whether or not you choose to give feedback, we offer you this exclusive "alumni" special:
Schedule 4 sessions in the Life Vessel
When you purchase 3 Life Vessel sessions, 
the 4th is FREE
That's 25% off the regular price!!
(good through 3-31-17)
Celebrate With Our Alumni Life Vessel Special !!

Freedom from stress
Freedom from anxiety
Freedom from ill-health
Freedom from fight or flight

Better Sleep
Improved Circulation


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